Going home for the weekend

How the heck did I manage to get 66 spam comments from Friday to today? My domain has not even been up and running?! Seriously WTF…

I had a really good day yesterday, no pain, no dizziness, no vertigo, nothing. I was able to do dishes, clean the kitchen & bathroom and straiten up, do 2 loads of laundry, vacuum and mop the floors. So I felt accomplished by the time I was done. I never got a chance to wipe down walls or mop under the larger furniture but I still got somewhere so I was happy and it was nice to have a symptom free day. Right up till bedtime anyways.

Cory and I were in a playful mood and were joking around in bed, he started tickling me and all of a sudden I felt really nauseous. I barely made it to the washroom. I got sick for about 45 minutes straight. Man that sucked. My throat hurt so bad. My head hurt and I felt so queasy. I fell asleep pretty good after that, only to wake up and find Cory on the couch cause he couldn’t sleep. He’s got a sinus infection now… one freakin’ thing after another it seems.

On a positive note since he is off now till Tuesday we decided to go to my parents for the weekend. I’m gonna try and drive it all since he is not a fan of driving. But at least I know he’s there if I need to switch. I’m excited to see my family and I’m excited to have him with me and to just have us get away for a bit.

I noticed today he’s not wearing his leg braces. I don’t want to bug him about them. Not sure if I should or not? He says they annoy him and hurt a bit. But I think he needs to get used to them. Plus if they hurt he needs to figure out where they hurt so he can have them adjusted (trimmed), which he wont know if he doesn’t wear them. I don’t want to push him. Am I wrong or should I push? I just don’t know. He’s an adult the way I look at it…

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