Going home for the weekend

We are heading home tomorrow to my parents for the weekend. It’s Thanksgiving in the US and we have 2 unpaid days off at work Thursday and Friday, so I will be getting a 4 day weekend.

Cory and I made plans to drive to Digby after work tomorrow since I am off at 5pm. I am excited since we are staying in Halifax for Christmas and spending Christmas here with his parents. However it looks now like we might get some snow.

I am scared to drive my car in the snow. It’ll be the first time driving it. I am a nervous driver as it is and hate driving in the snow. On top of that though I only have all season tires on it and I really really should have winters here. I can’t afford them though.

I thought I would be able to get extra hours at work to save up some money for winter tires before winter started. I didn’t take into account missing a month being sick or that we would not be busy enough for a lot of extra hours. I never really took that into consideration when trading my old car in.

The old car I still had 2 good winter tires and my parents had 2 that would fit that were in pretty decent shape, so I would have been all set. I have no idea why I didn’t think about that at the time!

Sometimes I can’t believe how careless I can be. My father says that my all seasons should be fine for one winter since they are brand new when I bought the car at the end of June. But I am nervous.

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