Going Home For The Weekend

Picked up my record of employment from work today to take down to Service Canada to submit it. Everything went good. I had the doctors letter with me and they said that because my ROE says specifically that I was leaving work because of injury or illness to return at a unknown date that they would not need it. So that’s good. I was worried that they would need a specific form filled out and that I would need to print it off or pick it up and go back to see Dr. Marsh for a 3rd time this week. But since they don’t need it I’m okay. She said to just keep the one I have for my records just in case.

So… I don’t like elevators to begin with, I have always had a irrational fear of them just letting go and falling. I even have nightmares of it sometimes or just the sensation of falling when laying in bed (is that related to all this maybe?). But with the vertigo getting in an elevator is interesting. The four floors to the reception area at work and the 3 floors the other day to get the paperwork I would need to go on the leave of absence, really sucked. I just wanted out of there.

We had to go to the mall to the Service Canada service centre and we took the escalator. Going up was not really that bad. I just held onto Cory and closed my eyes. I almost tripped getting on and off it though. Going down was another story. I decided to keep my eyes open. He went in front of me. I slipped getting on and almost knocked him down the escalator which would not have been good for him either. I kept feeling like I was swaying and had to hold onto him the whole way down. At the bottom the ground was rushing towards me and I took a leap and somehow landed on my feet but had to stand there for a second to get my bearings and wait for the spinning to lesson. I held onto him most of the way back to the car.

My Dad is coming up tonight after supper to stay the night at our place (a 3 hour drive) so that he can take me to my appointment tomorrow at the Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre at 11am. Then I am going back to my parents place for a few days. Not sure how long exactly. Maybe the weekend maybe the whole week. Depends on what they say tomorrow. A couple of friends of mine, one that has BPPV and the other that has Meniere’s Disease say that they will do more testing there before treating or recommending treatment. So I should hopefully get an exact diagnosis and a plan to get back to work as soon as possible.

It’ll be nice to spend some time with my parents and brother. I haven’t been home since Christmas. They came up at the beginning of February to help me move in with Cory but other then that I have barely seen them. I’ll miss Cory and Max

6 thoughts on “Going Home For The Weekend

  1. Dealing with Service Canada can sometimes be an gong show so that’s good your encounter with them went well. Pray you never have to call for EI it is a nightmare!

    I hate elevators too, it doesn’t scare me so much the failing and falling into the abyss. Every time I’m in one even if it is going up one floor I always get really bad motion sickness and feel like I’m going to fall over >_<

    Hopefully your doctors will come up with an exact diagnosis for you soon. In the mean time take care of yourself

    1. @Brittany – Yeah I have only dealt with Service Canada and EI once before and it was a while ago. I guess no I just have to sit back and wait to see if I am approved for it. I’m not really claustrophobic and I don’t usually get motion sickness easy but the last few months has been horrible. Thanks

  2. Ah, well I don’t necessarily have a “fear” of elevators, I do feel quite uncomfortable in them. I tend to retreat to a corner and hold on to the handles until I am on the floor I am heading to. I can imagine with vertigo it being a whole other can of worms!

    I really hope you get your health figured out soon, love. No one deserves to feel unwell.

    Unrelated to this post, I really hope that you find a website host soon! You have a nice little blog, and if I had the space and know-how, I would love to give you a home outside of WordPress.com.

    1. @Erica – I do the same. I hold on for dear life. It sucks but I’m looking on the bright side, eventually they’ll figure it out. Thanks. As for the hosting I have just signed up for free hosting at iceglow.net to test. If it goes well I am going to maybe purchase a shared or maybe even a small reseller package to start.

        1. @Erica – Yeah me too. I have heard both good and bad about them but I am willing to give them a try and so far so good. I don’t really want to purchase anything until I have tried a company out for a bit so since they offered free hosting I figured I would give it a try. Any other suggestions of places that are good and also offer free hosting or free trials?

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