Gone Fishin’

I got my fishing license today. This will be the second year of having it. I bought a nice ladies rod last year. We went this afternoon to Lewis Lake fishing on a dock there. Scotty, Cory’s cousin got a bite but lost it reeling it in. Cory and I did not get anything at all and Cory broke his rod in half. Better luck next time I guess lol.

I would have taken a few pictures but was terrified of loosing my phone in the lake. Scotty lost his last year. We are going to go again next week so I will take my Canon with me and take some pictures. I really enjoy being outside in the sun and on or near the water. I want to try and rent a boat sometime this year and paddle out and fish. Nothing too expensive, but I am not sure where you can do it.

I am hoping to spend a lot of time outside this summer. I did last year, fishing and such. This time I think I am going to try and remember to bring my camera everywhere. I can leave it in the trunk of the car or somewhere it can’t be seen. I still really want a new one but before I do that I need to get using the old one again and playing around with the settings on it. Even though it is not an SLR I can still do a lot of manual setting selection like DSLR’s. Might as well experiment with the one I’ve had for a few years before I buy a new one.


4 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. It sounds like a relaxing day out. I remember fishing with some friends once and I thought it was so, so boring. I wouldn’t like it now either, but I’d love to be out there on the lake just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.
    There are good cameras that aren’t DSLRs. That’s cool that you can do some manual settings on it, I didn’t know you could do that on a non-SLR, but then, really, SLR only means that you can switch lenses.

    1. It was very relaxing. I went fishing years ago and hated it but now for some reason I really enjoy it. For now. I have never caught a fish that I have to gut. That may change things some. I caught one last year and Cory gutted it and we froze it. I don’t really agree with fishing just for sport but we actually eat them, well Cory does. Despite the fact I live in the Maritime’s, I do not eat fish.

      My camera is a Canon S5IS. I am not a hundred percent sure what I can do with it but I know it is out of date. I want to get a new one and I am thinking of taking some photography classes if I get one. That and I know there is a lot of stuff you can teach yourself online and just playing around.

  2. That’s awesome. I’ve never been fishing in my whole life, but I would love to go. It’s okay, I use my phone’s camera for everything nowadays anyhow. Have fun!

    1. I find it relaxing and peaceful. I have always loved being on or near water though. I love swimming and kayaking and boating. My cell is sometimes easier but I’m terrified of loosing it in the water. My camera can go around my neck lol.

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