Good news after all!

I’m going to start with the not-so-good news so that this posts ends on a high note. I have a wicked cold. Cory has had it for about a week and a half and it turned into pneumonia again for him. I am hoping that it will not get that bad for me. I had a flu shot, which I know has nothing to do with a cold but for some reason when I get one I tend to get sick less overall through the winter. So here’s hoping…

Because of said cold, I called in to work sick today at about 10 this morning. I got a call about 11 from my project manager asking me if I felt well enough to come in for a few hours, I wouldn’t have to be on the phones or anything, she just wanted to discuss an opportunity with me that will help develop my “leadership” role as she put it and that they were having a meeting about it with our head office and wanted me to be there.

So I loaded up on cold medication and went in. I am glad I did. Even though I did not get the position I had applied for I was chosen, along with the person that did get that position to help head up a special project that our team is taking on. The two of us will be “go-betweens” between the higher ups in the head office and between our new agents that we are hiring to work on this special project. The agents were all hired for this project which they are thinking would be about 6 months long or so, though our project manager seemed to think that they may be wrong on that and that it might be 9 months or so based on the fact they are thinking that this will coincide with the upcoming school year.

Either way it means I get to actually work in a more hands on role in a leadership type role for other agents, along with the other person who was selected. I am just thinking myself that since she was just put into the other position that was open that it might fall more to me then her, though at this point she seems to have a little better idea of what is going on then I do. I am really hopeful that I might get to kinda of take the lead here. But again, either way it is still good for me.

I am hoping this will help with cementing myself further into a more permanent leadership type roll down the road a bit.

Oh yeah and know all the snow we got Wednesday? It totaled about 56 cm (22 inches) over about 6 hours – that’s on average 9 cm an hour! And 207 km/hour (almost 129 mph) was the maximum wind gusts recorded and with over 100 km/hour (62 mph) sustained winds. We have a few 12 – 16 ft snow banks at work and some of the other snow banks around are over 7 – 10 ft high – those are natural banks, ones made as the snow blew around. One apartment building on the street next to me lost it’s roof and a lighthouse was destroyed in Church Point, NS. It literally blew over. Imagine a category 5 or 6 hurricane and add snow! Crazy. And to top it all off, it is going to be plus 12 tomorrow! So its all gonna melt!

Oh and I am getting almost $300 back in taxes. Which is way better then having to pay in! Combine that with everything else and next week is looking good

6 thoughts on “Good news after all!

  1. I love it! Crazy snow and all, makes for a fun week. We haven’t gotten any more up here in AK. It’s all been melting actually and making things wet and nasty lol

    Congrats on the new position or the new project! It’s always good to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. I’m sure you’ll be great!

    1. Yeah it is melting a lot today, still have some high drifts though! We’re getting rain and ice pellets over the next day and half and a little more snow… so it’s not over yet. Still not spring like for sure!

  2. I hope you feel better! Colds are nasty, also same with Cory, never had pneumonia but my sister has and it was terrible. Stay warm and snuggly.

    I’m happy that you’re able to get that position, best of luck to you and I’m sure you’ll do great :). And aah, snow. Here in the US there’s been some pretty bad snow, although my area hasn’t been too badly affected, we have giant piles of ice that I’m sure will take ’till May to melt.

    And ooh $300 back, good for you!

    1. I am starting to feel somewhat better, its just an annoying cold that is worse at night. My boyfriend Cory got it much worse then me. We had a warm night cuddled under blankets on the couch.

      Thanks, I am really excited to see what comes of this, even if it is not full time and I am still doing tech support some of the time at least it is a little bit of a change and a challenge!! I can’t wait.

      I ended up getting $400… not sure why but the extra $130 got us a lot of groceries

  3. It sounds like a good opportunity for you!
    How weird with so much snow and then 12 degrees. In such cases I always feel like the snow is so useless, that it’s in vain or snowed for no reason.

    1. It will be great I think. I was so disappointed in not getting the other position. I am looking forward to proving what I can do.

      It never made it to 12 degrees today but it was a nice warm 9 degrees. It felt good after a cold snowy winter. Still lots of snow left though.

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