Halloween, Moving & A Ghost

I can’t believe it is almost Halloween!!! Only a few more days left! I am back at work on a gradual return and after two 4 hours days (with a day in between) I am feeling a lot of pain but just glad to be back. We haven’t decorated or anything but I am okay with that. We will for Christmas. We took the wheelchair back and I am still using crutches for work and outside the house, inside I am using a walker, to give my arms a bit of a rest.

Anyways I am sure you are more interested in hearing about the “Moving & A Ghost” part of this post aren’t you? So your probably wondering if Eddie and I are moving and the answer to that is no. We aren’t. It’s actually my parents who are. Strangely enough though they bought a house the 1st of October they are actually moving somewhere else. They are moving into a house my cousin and her husband bought around the same time. Both are in Digby and my parents are renting out the one they bought which they will eventually retire in but they will be living in my cousins house and guess what?!?!? It’s haunted! Yep, that’s right, haunted. It’s about 150 -180 years old. I can’t remember exactly what she said.

So the story goes that a woman who’s husband was a Sea Captain took sick while waiting for him to come home from sea. She passed away before he came home so her family decided it would be a shame to bury her before he came home and had his chance to say his goodbye’s. Being winter they wrapped her in blankets and put her in the shed which believe it or not was normal at that time. They waited for him to come home as he was due home in a week.

They waited and waited and after a few weeks they decided they needed the shed she was in and so they moved her closer to the bay to a pig shed. Still they waited and waited and the husband never came home. He was presumed dead, lost at sea. Finally spring came and they were able to bury the woman on her property close to the house. It’s said that she walks the property looking for her lost husband still to this day, waiting for him to come home from sea.

Apparently she has been heard in the house and on the property. Things move around without anyone touching them. She also likes to tuck people in including kids and she will kiss them on the cheek. She is said to be kind and gentle and not at all scary. Can you imagine? And my parents are going to be living there. I can’t wait to be honest! I love a good ghost story. It would not be my first encounter with the paranormal and likely wouldn’t be my last. I can’t wait to stay the night there.

We are going down Friday but will be staying in the cottage as there are not enough beds in the house yet.

6 thoughts on “Halloween, Moving & A Ghost

  1. First of all, I’m glad you’re back at work!
    That ghost story reminds me of a book I read this summer, about a girl who had to go to live in a broken down house by the sea because her business went backrupcty. Every evening she saw a woman by the pier, thinking it was a ghost. But in the end it turned out it was her landlady, who was waiting for her husband who was supposedly lost at sea many years earlier.
    So I’m waiting for news about that ghost

    1. Thanks Susanne! I am very glad to be back. It’s going pretty good. I will post in th next day or two about how the return is going.

      The ghost story is a pretty typical one for around here. The history and traditions are steeped in the sea. Lots of the old houses in the smaller towns along the water were built by sailors and fisherman. I love reading the ghost stories.

  2. I am glad you’re doing well at work. Hope things will continue to move forward and you’ll work full time no problem. Oh man, I can’t imagine living in a haunted house. The story sounds crazy! Though, at least she sounds like a good ghost rather than one that’s out to hurt people.

    1. Thanks Yeah she seems harmless. I hope to experience some of what the previous owners say they had happen. I really enjoy anything paranormal especially ghost related. I am excited to see what happens.

  3. Woah! That’s a pretty intense ghost story! I don’t really know anybody who’s been to an actual haunted house, so all of this sounds pretty weird and exciting for me lol. At least the ghost isn’t the type to harm other people – but still, I can’t imagine living in a house with a ghost! XD

    1. It is pretty neat. I have lived in haunted houses before. 2 of them. So it’s not new to me but I am interested in seeing if myself or my parents have any experiences with her or anything that might be there.

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