Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my Dad’s 66th birthday. Apparently my Mom asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to the Casino Nova Scotia. So that’s where we went tonight to the 3Sixty Buffet. I could kick myself for not taking a few photos of our supper. It was amazing! It was a prime rib buffet with Soup, 2 kinds of pizza (pepperoni and vegetarian), for other entrées they had roasted porklion with cranberry salsa, baked chicken with pesto cream sauce, maple & thyme salmon, mussels with garlic butter, chive mashed potatoes, vegetable rice pilaf, pasta, yorkies, medley of vegetables. There was also a salad bar and desert station with soft ice cream as well as assorted pies, buffet cakes, brownies, ice cream toppings, cupcakes, cookies, assorted puddings, bread pudding and all the free pop you could drink. I’ll admit. I am now stuffed and lets just say my blood sugars a bit too high but not too bad lol

I was careful what I ate and only had a glass of regular pop because we waited in line an hour first and it was almost 8 PM before we ate and my blood sugar was a little low. Then I said the hell with it and had ice cream. It was Mom, Dad, my brother Denton, a family friend Mary Ellen who is here at my parents place until mid-July from Ontarion and Edward and myself. We all absolutely loved the food and you will never guess how much the buffet actually costs per person. $9.99 a person if you are a player’s club member! You can’t even get a value meal at McDonald’s for that! We all signed up for a player’s club membership because it’s free and you earn points as well.

After the buffet Denton, Edward and I played a few machines. Mom, Dad and Mary Ellen didn’t really feel like playing them.  Mom had given us each $20 to play, which is usually what we go with when we go ourselves (which we have only done once so far). It doesn’t sound like much but the few times I have gone other people with me who also only spend $20 can usually walk away with double that sometimes. Me, not so much. I am horrible at playing the slot machines and I usually loose the whole $20 within minutes. Which was no different tonight. Lost it all within 10 minutes on the first machine I went to I will admit though I had a wonderful night with my family and my husband celebrating my Dad’s birthday. The only thing like I said I regret is not taking my phone out and getting a few pictures of the food. I want to start doing that when I eat at someplace new.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Yes, my friend told me panasonic lumix series is good too. I love the selfie-friendly screen on LX10. 1-inch sensor means my photos will be of better quality than most compact cameras and phone cameras too.

    Happy birthday to your dad too!

    1. I have a Canon Rebel but sometimes if I am going to certain places it just feels to big to carry around and I would like to get a compact camera for times like that

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