Happy Canada Day! – Long Island & Brier Island

Briar Island Lighthouse
Brier Island Lighthouse aka Western Light, Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

Happy Canada Day to any of my fellow Canadians and also a Happy early Independence Day to my neighbours! So for Canada Day this year Eddie and I decided to do something else rather than brave the crowds for the many events going on in Digby or Annapolis. We decided to drive down Digby Neck to East Ferry, hopped the Petit Princess to Tiverton on Long Island and then eventually onward to Westport on Brier Island. Anyone who knows me or has been following my blog for a while will know my love of lighthouses, islands, tides, and anything to do with the ocean other than eating fish.

Boars Head Lighthouse
Boar’s Head Lighthouse. Tiverton, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

After getting off the ferry in Tiverton turn right and head down Boar’s Head Road to Boar’s Head Lighthouse. The current lighthouse was built in 1957 and is the second lighthouse on the site. The original was built in 1863 in roughly the same spot. I am assuming that the area I was standing on to take the picture may have been the foundation of the original lighthouse but I am not sure. It was a large concrete platform up above the lighthouse.

Coastline near Boar’s Head Lighthouse. Tiverton, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

After that, we headed to the Balancing Rock which is roughly about 1/5 of the way down Long Island towards Freeport at the end of Long Island. I am sad to say we did not get very far. After dousing ourselves in sunscreen and bug spray we headed out down the wooded path and we met a British couple coming back who had just left a few minutes before us. The said the path was wet and muddy and they couldn’t get through. We decided to push on a little further and got over the first boardwalk and then the path turned to deep puddles and mud. We decided to turn around. Back on the boardwalk path, a snake slithered over my sneaker and we both said nope. No way. So we will have to go back on a drier day and explore again.

Blue Flag Iris
Blue Flag Iris. Found along a path on either Long or Brier Islands, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

I believe this is a Blue Flag Iris. Believe it or not, this little gem is considered poisonous. It’s can cause irritation and dermatitis. There were a lot of them along some of the paths we walked along to the lighthouses. They are really beautiful though. I love any Iris but this is one of my favorites.

Whale watching cruise.
A whale watching boat that passed when we were at Boar’s Head Lighthouse. They left right after us from the wharf. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

After leaving the parking lot for the Balancing Rock we headed to Freeport at the end of Long Island to hop on another ferry to Westport on Brier Island. Brier Island is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. I used to love going there as a kid and love it just as much as an adult. One day I hope we can own a small piece of land on the island somewhere to build a small off the grid camp

Peter's Island Lighthouse
Peter’s Island Lighthouse, Peter’s Island, Westport, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

If you travel left when getting off the ferry and head to the Joshua Slocum Memorial you will be across from a pretty little island in Grand Passage called Peter’s Island. The island has a lighthouse on it called Peter’s Island lighthouse. Built in 1909 it is in need of repair and was unmanned in 1984. You can see it fairly well from the parking lot for the memorial and up by the memorial itself.

A small Inuksuk on the rocks near the parking lot of the Joshua Slocum Memorial in Westport, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

A small Inuksuk that we found on the rocks near the picnic table in at the parking lot of the Joshua Slocum Memorial. You find them all over here because people build them a lot. Still a neat find though.

Two seagulls on the path near the Joshua Slocum Memorial. Westport, Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

Just past the memorial is a path which goes to Big Cove on the path was a seagull which I assume was nesting. We didn’t get any closer out of respect. Made for a nice picture. We were a ways a way I just zoomed in. It had started to cloud over by then and was threatening rain so we headed to the next lighthouse which was down Lighthouse Road on Brier Island.

Briar Island Lighthouse.
Brier Island Lighthouse aka Western Light, Brier Island Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

Brier Island Lighthouse aka Western Light is the 3rd oldest lighthouse in Nova Scotia and is still in operation today. The current concrete lighthouse was built in 1944 after the original wooden structure burnt down. The original wooden lighthouse was built in 1809 and rebuilt in 1832 due to being “viley constructed and ill lighted”. It became unmanned in 1987.



Coastline near Brier Island Lighthouse, Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.


Briar Island Nature Reserve.
Briar Island Nature Reserve. Brier Island. Photo © 2019 Kirsten Corbett.

Near Brier Island Lighthouse is some stunning coastline and also the Brier Island Nature Reserve. We had also planned to for a walk on the nature reserve as there are walking paths but the heavy rain has made it more of a bog then anything which technically it is but there are paths you can walk on just not that day it was too wet and you sink right in. So that will also have to wait for a dry period maybe later in the summer.

Tomorrow we are also planning a trip to Burntcoat Head Park and also Walton Lighthouse which is 2 1/2 hours from Digby. We are trying to plan it to get there mid-afternoon as low tide is not till 9 pm and we want to walk the ocean floor which we can probably do from about 6pm onward I am guessing as the tide goes down.  It’s going to be a late night but then we are heading back to my mom and dad’s as we will be camping down at the beach on the St. Mary’s Bay for the rest of the weekend on the property my mom and dad live on at their camp. It’s going to be a fun weekend even though we never ended up going to PEI.

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  1. That seems awesome that yall celebrated the holiday doing something yall enjoyed, I know the 4th just happened in the US for me, and I am the same way where I don’t like crowds either and so I stayed home, and that was fun for me personally. You both sounded like yall had a great time, and the photos you posted look beautiful. My favorites are the ones of the seagulls and lighthouses.

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I would much prefer exploring on my own (or with my hubby) as opposed to doing things in large groups. We did have a great time and can’t wait to go back again.

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