Happy Easter!

I changed the font to one called Andika Basic. Thanks Erica for letting me know it was hard to read. I tested it in Chrome, IE and Opera on my computer and it looked good but then when I downloaded Firefox it looked really hard to read Oh well I like Andika Basic better anyways.

We went out for supper last night with Cory’s parents, his sister and her boyfriend to SunnySide Restaurant in bedford for Easter. It was pretty good! I had Newfie Steak and Eggs (they serve breakfast all day) which is fried bologna (yummy!) and eggs, in this case scrambled eggs. I never took a picture but I think I am going to start doing that when we eat out. I really enjoyed the food and the company.

Poor Cory was stuck having french onion soup lol. Everytime feed came to the table he would grumble how hungry he was and how good it looked. Since he seems to be feeling better tonight I was going to make a scalloped potato with ham but he says he wants to wait till tomorrow, just in case. So instead tonight he is having chicken wings… yup, that’s much better

I wish I had of gotten to spend some time with my family for Easter as well but maybe next year. I think this is honestly the first year I have had Easter without them. Cory and I didn’t buy each other anything. We agreed that since neither of us really like milk chocolate (I love dark chocolate but even so I am trying to cut back) that the money would be better spent elsewhere. Like food.

We need to clean the place up a little bit but neither of us are really feeling it. So we’ve just been sitting around doing nothing since we came back from his parents a second time for cake. Its his dad’s birthday today. We had Ice Cream cake, my favorite!

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  1. I kind of wish we were closer to family to visit, so I can understand that sentiment. Love the new theme too, I didn’t get to see it with the old font, but this one looks nice

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