Harry Potter!

Who’s a fan?? I know I am. I have read all the books and seen all the movies but it has been a little while. I decided to re-read and re-watch all 7 books and 8 movies. I downloaded the first book from the library on my tablet Sunday while I was at the laundromat and have the second one on hold. I started it and am really excited to re-read them again!

I have not decided yet if I am going to read a book then watch the movie, read a book, watch the movie, etc or if I am going to read them all then watch all the movies. I guess it depends on how I am going to get a hold of all the movies. My parents have them so I may grab them when we go there on November 26th or 27th. We are getting the 27th and 28th off for American Thanks Giving as there will not be much if any call volume. So we may leave after I finish work on the 26th depending on my shift and spend the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th there.

I am not much of a reviewer or anything like that so I don’t review any of the books I read but I do tend to read a lot. And the Harry Potter series has always been one of my favorites. Even though I was like 17 and in high school when it was released and it was completely uncool for a high school student to read them, I did it anyways on the sly lol.

I have been looking for a series I like as much as that since then and have not found many. I do like the Hunger Games Trilogy in one way, and hate it in another. I loved the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series (I can not remember if that was actually what it was called) but other then those three I can not really get into any others.

What is your favorite books and series?

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  1. I love to read. I haven’t finished the Harry Potter books though, I got you to book 4 and haven’t picked it back up.

    I love the Divergent series. I’m in the middle off Fallen right now and I love it! I highly suggest both.

    The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe are The Cronicles of Narnia series. I love those books.

    1. I actually was on the hold list for Divergent and it is in my downloads and expires in 9 days. I am not great at reading more then one book at a time, so I am gonna try and renew it and read it later if I can or put it back on my wish list for later

  2. Umm excuse me, I don’t think it was EVER uncool to read Harry Potter. Just saying! LOL. I LOVE HP. Definitely my favourite book series. So brilliant. However, I have only read them once. I am not a huge reader so instead I have them all on audiobook (read by Jim Dale) and I have listened to each book on audiobook at least 50 times. They are so enthralling. I also love Jim Dale because the voices he provides for each character are amazing. LOVE love love. If you don’t feel like reading them, I do recommend the audiobooks. Brilliant work. I also think you should take a vacation to Florida and go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because that place is amazing as well!!

    1. I wish someone had told that to the other people in my high school lol, It was uncool to read period. I have never really liked audio books for some reason. I just can’t get into listening. I downloaded one a little while ago and did not like how the reader was reading it. I should do it more often though, would be great for walking on the treadmill at the gym. Find it hard to read when doing that, makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach. I was looking up things I could not remember as I am reading the books and I saw some pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it looks pretty cool. I would love to go.

  3. I love the Harry Potter movies but never read the books. And, I prefer the first three or four movies where there was more sense of humour in it, the characters had more, well, identity, and everything wasn’t as dark as it is in the later movies.
    I think the only series of books I’ve read in recent years are the Camilla Läckberg ones, although I don’t think they count as series really.

    1. I am half way through the second book, I have not had as much time to read as I thought I would. I did watch the first and second movie yesterday. I completely forgot about all the spiders in the second movie and the large ones like Aragog. I am not that far into the book yet lol. But could not stop myself.

      I have never read anything by Camilla Läckberg. Never heard of her to be honest. But the books are in English so I might give it a try.I’m not much into crime series.

    1. It is a coincidence! I am now 78.7% of the way through the second book according to overdrive. My progress is not as good as I would have liked. But I am determined to read all of them and I am going to watch the corresponding movie at the end of each book.

      So far I have noticed quite a few slight differences between the books and movies. I know that is to be expected as they can not fit everything from a book into the movie, but I hate when they actually make changes that are considerably noticeable! Bugs the crap out of me. But oh well… they are still great movies anyways!

      Added ya to good reads

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