Soooo… I have the whole weekend off. Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and till 4:30 Monday. Work nights all week next week. So if anyone around here is up to doing anything this weekend let me know. I’ll be bored for sure lol. I’m up to doing just about anything to get out of the house. This place is making me crazy. I love my mom don’t get me wrong but sometimes we just don’t get along at all. Sometimes we just grate on each others nerves. I know it’s as much my fault as hers. I could help out more around the house. I could be nicer to her sometimes. But she could also show me a little respect sometimes too. I know I have some growing up to do. But sometimes I just want to curl up and be a baby again. Ever wanted to do that? Go back to a time when you were taken care of and didn’t have to worry about anything? Anyways…

Had to leave work today after about an hour. I was sitting there and I started to feel nauseous and the right side of my head hurt. Then it got really intense and the lights were killing me. I haven’t had a migraine in about 6 months and I had no migraine meds with me. Actually have none at home either after the last one I had one 1 pill left and forgot to get more. Then after about 4 months of no migraines I just never bothered to get more. When I went to get it today it was gone… So I have to call the drug store tomorrow and see if I still have them on file or if I need a new presciption. I know even if they’re on file they’ll tell me that I should go to the doctor. It takes like 3 months to get an appoinment with Dr King. And I’ve been on a waiting list for more then a year for an MRI. It’s ridiculous. They said the MRI is purly precational. Just to make sure it’s not anything other then migraines… but what if it was? It would more then likely be to late now.

Fucking medical system is ridiclous! I’m not overly concerned that it is anything else… but still there is a history of brain tumors in my family. My mom’s first cousin Ginny died at 15 from a cancerous brain tumor and so did her father 10 years later. So, that kinda pisses me of that it takes so god damn long to get in. It’s like that guy that had a 3 week or somethign wait for chemo… fuck 3 weeks! To us three weeks doesn’t seem long but for someone with cancer 3 weeks could decide between life and death. In three weeks the canser could be so far along that it would be to late. My mom’s good friend has breast cancer and is on her 2nd or 3rd round of chemo. he’s doing ok but she’s had her breast removed and had expiramental treatment. I mean come on this is like playing with peoples lives. It’s fucking ridiculous and pathetic that people have to wait that long.

So yeah, that’s about all I have to say about that. I’m starting to get a headache again…

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