Here’s hopin…

My birthday was really great. We did not end up doing anything I had in mind. No Jack Astors and no Putting Edge. Why? I have no idea the day rolled around and I just wasn’t in the mood so I asked Cory if we could go for a drive instead. So we did.

We drove down the south shore towards Mahone Bay through Chester. I brought my camera with me to take pictures and guess what? I never took one! Not one! Why? I have no idea. I just felt like driving. Cory was not feeling the greatest and mostly dozed off beside me but I still had a good time. I enjoyed the driving which I have not done in a long time. I also enjoyed the heat and the sun. Then we came home and got an ice cream cake it took us 3 days to eat.

It was the oddest birthday ever. I just was not in a birthday mood. But I still enjoyed they day itself as a day and the company, even if he wasn’t feeling the best.

I’ve been slacking on the blogging. I hate using my phone. I really could share my iPhones Internet with my computer and do it that way but I just don’t feel like it. And the tablet is great but that “newness” is wearing off a bit and I find at home with no Internet it’s a glorified eReader. At work it passes the time though.

Speaking of work. There is a temporary 3 week position coming available because on of our team members is going on vacation. He is basically our internal support. When we don’t know something and can’t find an answer in the documentation we ask him (or the other one).

So I applied. I don’t know how good a chance I have but the coach that posted its led for a brief paragraph explaining why we are interested. When he got my email he turned (he sits close to me) and said “Good answer Kirsten! That’s what I am looking for!” Then proceeded to tell me be was glad that I am applying. So that felt good. Doesn’t mean by any chance I got it but it means I caught his attention. Now if I can ace the mini test and interview I might actually have a chance. Then again it depends on who else applies and what they say/do etc. it would be nice though… A foot in the door so to speak.

Oh! And I got a raise! 3%. Doesn’t seem like much but I was one of only a few most got 2% or below. 5% was the most and sounded like no one got that. 4% I’m not sure about but I don’t think many people if any got it on our project. We can so use it. We’re so behind right now. Rent for July is not even paid

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  1. Hi! Belated Happy Birthday!!! 3% raise sounds good already. Let the odds be in your favor and hope that it will go higher very very soon. Have a great week & God Bless.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday, happy belated birthday! I know what you mean about not really feeling like celebrating it but still enjoying your day. Wow, congratulations on your raise! That’s a lot, any raise is good! I hope you get the temporary 3 week position, it sounds like you have a really good chance of getting it

    1. Thanks, I really hope I get it too. It would be a nice round off to the last few months. Something positive to think about

  3. Happy belated birthday! My latest birthdays have been lazy birthdays as well. So many people just want to celebrate it, but I’m not really all into the whole celebrating my birthday thing, so it sucks. Sometimes I just want to be alone and do something simple, you know? Nothing fancy. Glad your birthday was nice and relaxing for you.

    Good luck on the application! Any raise in this economy seems nice, too. :p

    1. Thank you. I am like that too. I just like simple, sometimes fun things that just 1 or two people can do together. I hate crowds and going out. I never want a big fuss about my birthday.

  4. Every little bit counts! I picked up a 2% raise and it’s enough to give a bit more wiggle room. So congrats!

    And I think that sounds like a good birthday. You did what you felt like doing. No planning involved and it was relaxed. That would be a perfect birthday to me.

    1. Yeah the extra wiggle room is nice. I think it only works out to about $27 per pay extra but its a step in the right direction.

  5. I like those chill birthdays! I really want one this year but everyone is on my butt about it because it’s my 21st and I am honestly just not that bothered, lol.

    Congrats on the raise – a little more is always good & Good luck with getting the job!

    1. The 21st birthday is supposed to be such a big one, but I honestly didn’t feel much like partying for my 21st birthday either.

  6. Before I comment on your blog; I’m from Halifax too! I live in New Brunswick now though. But I’m visiting Halifax right now to see family. Just excited that I found another blogger from Halifax. Its rare.

    Happy belated birthday (I think I’m really late saying that). But the thought counts.

    Glad you had a good birthday. Sometimes doing something simple can be greater than something fancy. On my last birthday I got really sick and had to take pills and fall asleep early. Awful day. D:

    Congrats on the raise! And good luck getting the 3 week temporary position!

    P.S. I love the elegance of your layout. Very beautiful. xo

    1. It is really nice when you find other bloggers from your area. I’ve never talked to many Halifax bloggers either.

      Thanks for the belated birthday wishes and the comment on my layout

  7. Congratulations on your raise! I’ve never had a raise before. Well I guess that’s not true. At my first min. wage job we would get a 4 cent raise every few months haha. But since then, the only pay raises I’ve gotten were because of promotions. Any little bit of increase helps. I hope you can start making enough money to keep your bills under control! I remember not having enough money for rent (I paid it to my boyfriend at the time) and it sucked. Being able to pay everything now feels great.

    1. Thanks, I have only had one other job I got a raise at and that was only a few cents every year so it was a nice surprise

  8. I know that birthday feeling so well – sometimes it just happens like that. I think that the next day you’re in the mood to celebrate or do something fun for yourself, you should just do it and pretend it’s your birthday – who is to say we have to celebrate on the exact day, it’s our darn birthday!!

    Sounds positive about the job – good luck!!

    1. I really like that idea! I might just do that. Next time I have a little money and am in the mood I will celebrate. thanks for the idea.

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