Holy snow!

The video above was from a community in Cape Breton but that is what it was like earlier in Halifax and anywhere in the whole province, since the storm is like 4 times the size of the province, no one in the Maritimes is escaping. You would litterally get blown down the street and the snow stings bare skin so bad… Zero visability. We are only half through, we have another 15-20 cm of snow forcast for the next few hours and into the night! And winds of 100 km/hour or more. Its a big fucking mess out there!

I called in to work to say I wasn’t coming in. Cory has pneumonia again and my mobility is not the best right now. So there was no way I was gonna drag him out… not that it ended up mattering much. Cory had an appointment at the rehabilitation center with his neurologist at 3 this afternoon, we called in to let them know he wasn’t going to make it, and they told him it would be 4-6 months before he can get in again.

I was so pissed! So we decided to go out in the worst blizzard we have had in over 10 years to drive him to his appointment. He drives, but I’m a bit more confident in my blizzard driving then his. They did let him come in early, the hope was to beat the worst of the storm… the result was to be out right in the middle of the worst of the first part of it. He is not getting paid again till she fills out his paperwork so yeah, we cant afford to live of my income alone for 3-4 months…

The good thing about making it to his appointment is that she agrees he needs to go on permanent disability. Its a bit of a shock but and the same time its not. So he has to get more paperwork from his work. I feel kinda like we should both be in our 70’s not 34. Its a hard realization. So is the fact that most of our hopes and dreams are slipping further and further away.

Anyways I stayed in the car while he went to his appointment since there was no where on the street to really park, not unless we want a hefty fine. I sat in front of the building at a parking meter with my hazards on. I could not see the front of my car out my front window. We made it home only to get stuck in the street in front of our appartment building in snow up to my waist. I didn’t need my crutches the snow was so deep it held me upright. I’m not kidding. The drifts from the plows where so high someone in a truck or mini-van could not even see or be seen over them.

For about 2 hours from about 3:30 – 5:30 the wind died down but it continued to snow. We looked up the satellite images and we seemed to be in the “eye” almost like a hurricane, and yes we get those here as well. We dont escape much of anything. Now its picked back up and I can’t see the building beside us out our bedroom window. Lets put it this way… if I stuck my arm out my bedroom window and our neighbours in the building beside us did the same we could touch fingers… but I can’t even make out the lights in their windows!

Its gonna be a long night. I would say thank god we still have power but that would be jinxing myself wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Holy snow!

  1. And all of this happened in March! Can you believe it? Well, I hope you’re all right. It’s time to get cozy (well, at least you have your computer) I live in a country with subtropical weather almost all-year long (except Decembers which are always disastrous). Hang in there though!

    1. I’d love to live somewhere tropical. I always thought that southern California would be perfect. Always warm but a few hours drive into northern California and snow covered mountains!

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