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My parents went to Connecticut on Tuesday for a week to visit our cousins there for a birthday party and they asked us to house & dog sit for the week at their place as well as get my brother back and forth to school every day. We came over Tuesday night to stay for the week. I love their place. It’s actually owned by one of the cousins she’s visiting and her husband.

The house is 170 years old, built in 1849. I wrote about its resident ghost Ethel here a few months back. It’s such a lovely old house but cold and drafty I have not been able to get warm since we’ve been here. I also have a bit of a break from work since my mom won’t be officially training me to be her office manager until she comes back.

We are dog sitting my parents two dogs Scamp who’s about 8 years old now and Karli who is now about a year, both of whom they’ve had since little puppies. Actually, Scamp was the puppy of one of my parent’s previous dogs and I was there when he was born. I named him after he bit (more like chewed or sucked) my mom’s nose the first time she picked him up.

So far it’s been pretty easy. Even my brother has been kind of quiet and mellow and fairly easy to deal with. Edwards has been enjoying himself mostly. We go to our place every morning to check on Max our cat and feed him and cuddle as well as get showers neither of us much like their well water here. It’s really hard and rusty and smells.

They’ll be back mid-week next week. It’s almost sort of like a mini-vacation only not really I’ve been playing a lot of the Sims 4 mostly and watching Shameless and some movies.

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  1. It is nice of you to dog sit your parents’ dogs! Wow, the house has some major history going on. Even though there’s a resident ghost, at least Ethel isn’t all that lethal. Ok, that is a bad rhyming joke to make. I’m glad to hear that everything went well. Hope your parents enjoyed their time out!

    1. Thanks, Nancy, I love the house a lot. I am hoping when Eddie and I start looking for a house to purchase that we look for an old one as well. Something with real history and maybe a benign ghost as well I love a good ghost story!

  2. Wow, that house is so cool! I can see how it would be drafty though. It looks like there probably isn’t much insulation.

    Its nice to have a break from work! I’ve been off for five days due to being sick and I’ve just been watching TV and relaxing. The Sims 4 and Shameless sounds like a good time! I especially love Shameless. Have you seen all the episodes yet or are you just watching through them now?

    Enjoy the rest of your mini vacation!

    1. It really is a cool house. I think it’s got blown insulation in the outside walls. It has been redone within the last 25 years or so. At some point, it was all replastered inside and I assume they likely put insulation in the walls but it’s just that it’s a big house and very old. Lots of cracks and things.

      Plus the basement is just a large unfinished not even concreted space which is cold. You even have to access it through a door in the floor! The picture from the other post is not actually of their house. It was just a random old picture. I don’t actually have any of their house.

      Shameless is my favourite TV show on right now. I have seen every episode in Seasons 1-8. I started 8 the first day it was on Netflix but then we got sidetracked and never finished it so we started it over while we were at my parents. Season 9 just finished in March I think but we don’t have the station that it’s on so we have to wait till it comes on Netflix.

      I am sad to say today my mini vacation is over today but I am glad to be back in my own house and for us to be in our own bed tonight. I missed my bed

  3. Good thing it is a simple and pleasant thing for you to do. I always hate it when my dad and his wife leave and want me to take care of their animals, lol. It might be because they are a bit of a pain even though they are sweet.

    That is a very old home though! I don’t think I have ever been in a home that old. Kinda cool though

    1. I hate to say it but my brother is harder to deal with than the animals He’s a handful but I love him. The animals were easy. 2 dogs and a cat but they weren’t too bad other than the dogs getting us up at 6 am every morning.

      When I was a teen we lived in my grandparent’s old house it was built in 1867 so not quite as old but still quite old. We want to buy an old house sometime in the next few years. I want it to be at least pre-1900. Something with a lot of character.

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