Hurricanes and fireworks

Yesterday was Canada Day. Much like Independence Day in the US, it’s our day to celebrate our country and OUR confederation, where we became the federal Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867.  There is usually day long celebrations including concerts, events and fireworks. Every town and city celebrates.

I worked from 9-5 (which I get double-time for, yay!) and then we went to Cory’s sisters place for a barbecue. We planned on going to the fireworks in the evening but didn’t end up going, we did watch some from our balcony though.

I am not too bummed about the fireworks, Sunday is my birthday, I will be 34 (I am getting old) and we are going to Digby, to the beach camping for the weekend with my family. We are supposed to be setting off fireworks sometime over the weekend.

That was until we got word that tropical storm Arthur is headed our way and expected to make landfall (potentially as a hurricane) on Saturday. We are still going to the beach camping. Yes I know, my family is got to be the only family I know that is planning to not only go camping during a tropical storm possibly turned hurricane, but also to be camping on a beach at the ocean. Should be interesting.

I am taking my camera and will try and get some pictures, if we do not float away…

10 thoughts on “Hurricanes and fireworks

  1. I’ll be missing fireworks for our Independence Day too so you’re not alone. Used to love working holiday hours like that! Good luck with your trip hope your weather is good and you get some good pictures! Happy early birthday!

    1. Thanks so much for the Happy Birthday, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, have had a busy week. I never did get pictures. Forgot my camera However despite the hurricane with lots of rain and 4 days of no power at home we still had a great time lol.

  2. Eeeek. I hope that you will be safe!

    If I do not leave another comment before your birthday I hope you have a really great day!

    1. We came out pretty good actually! Down at the beach were we camped we had no damage, though we had lots of rain and wind and a rough night overnight. I had a great birthday too! thanks for the Birthday wishes!

    1. I’m so sorry! I forgot my camera at home. I did take some with my Mom’s Kodak easy share but they did not turn out at all I am hoping to plan a trip in a week or two and will find somewhere to go that I can take some pictures.

      We had a great time camping despite the hurricane, which was actually downgraded to a tropical storm but still a powerful one (which I neglected to mention above…). It was pretty interesting. I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera though.

  3. Well, I already know that you were hit by the storm, but suppose you’ve been ok since you’ve been taking pictures. Interesting to read about Canada day. I knew about it but not exactly what was celebrated. I know too little about Canada, really.

    1. Yeah we did get hit, there are still people a week later in some places without power. Lots of uprooted trees. I guess the pictures you mentioned must be the Instagram ones. As you probably already know from the replies above I forgot my camera. Only me… I have to get off my butt and post something soon but there seems so little to post about right now (which is both good and bad).

      Don’t feel to bad about knowing so little about Canada. Even though I have traveled a lot there is still so much I don’t know about a lot of countries and areas of the world. The fun part is learning

  4. The best thing is being able to stay home and watch fireworks – I live close to a small racetrack and they always set them off. Also had neighbors setting them off too.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday and camping.

    1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday I enjoyed it and camping both. Setting off fireworks on the beach was a lot of fun, however I have to say I was trying to get pictures (which failed miserably) of them with my Mom’s camera and missed most of it paying more attention to the camera then the fireworks

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