I give up!

I totally and utterly give up to winter. We are once again being buried alive in snow. You need snow shoes to walk, there is literally 2-3 feet of snow minimum and snow drifts up to 10 ft high. That’s not counting the snow we already had.

My landlord is on the right side of this picture, just to get an idea of how high it is. You should just be able to make out his profile and he is over 6 ft. It’s over my 5’2″ that’s for sure.

As you can see we are getting pummeled once again. It’s just nuts! I have never seen so much snow here. Even when I lived in Calgary I do not really remember getting this much. Maybe once in the 6 years we were there.

Balcony is not too bad.

I am in awe of the amount of snow on the ground. I really just can’t believe it. I know we are not the only ones. In some places in PEI and New Brunswick they have more and I know some areas of the States are hit hard too, however I am just tired of winter all together and feel like complaining.

Believe it or not there is a black BMW car under there somewhere!
Believe it or not there is a black BMW under there somewhere!

This picture above kills me. So yes, on the other side of the fence there really is a car there somewhere. The fence is on top of a 5-6 ft retaining wall and parked up against the wall to the left of the middle tree is a car. Completely 100% buried in the snow. Plows gonna have fun with that.

Our neighbors car is almost buried. Soon won’t see it either.

There are reports of up to 50 cm in about 5 hours. Not sure how true that is but the snow is waist high to chest high in most areas that I can see people walking in from the windows. That’s on top of about 30 from Sunday. Snow shoes would be great right about now. I’m not even gonna try and venture out. Called work and though I am sure they are not happy, what can I do? We can’t even get the front or back doors to the building open to shovel out.

Near whiteout conditions. This is our parking lot.
Near whiteout conditions. This is our parking lot.

Our car is parked a block away at the skating arena as I could not get it home in the last storm on Monday. I only took it out to get a estimate done on it because someone hit it on Friday in the Sobeys parking lot, leaving a long scrap on the whole front bumper. Really wish I was kidding, the only thing pissing me off more then the snow is the car.

View from the balcony.

I just wish that winter was over. I do have to say all that snow looks like it would be fun to go play in, if I had snow pants and winter boots that did not leak.

12 thoughts on “I give up!

  1. Gaah! That is mad! It looks truly terrible, and here we had 7 degrees today, and spring flowers (at least the early ones).
    I wonder if you beat Capracotta in Molise, Italy (it’s the region next to where we usually go to), they were near the Guinness record of heaviest snow fall. They had 256 cm of snow in 18 hours, about a week ago.

    Scroll down to see the video, and don’t worry if you don’t understand what they say, just watch the snow. It’s crazy! And that’s in Italy, it’s supposed to be spring there now. The article says there’s something with how the mountains meet the sea climate that makes it snow so much. Also in the Abruzzo mountains, where we spend our summer holidays most years, they can get crazy amounts of snow.

    1. Sorry your comment went to spam. The link probably. Wow that is nuts, and yes our snow looks a lot like that, or it did till it rained the other night, now it just looks messy. Still lots of it though. We have 16ft high snowbanks. I thought it was about 10 but we measured a few and they were over 10. Crawling to the top of the snowbank with a measuring tape is fun. But we watched someone at work get stuck for over an hour…

  2. My whole Facebook feed had pictures just like yours today. I’m actually sad that I’m not there. I miss all the big snow. When I was little, my dad woyld the snow blower to make a path through the back yard. That was always my favorite. We don’t get nearly that much snow in Edmonton.

    1. I was looking at the monthly section on The Weather Network and since January 1st we have had 10 snow falls over 10 cm, 4 of which fell between 10-15 cm, 4 between 15-20 cm and one each between 20-30 cm and 30+. I was gonna count it all up starting from the first snowfall in November but decided not too. Don’t have that much time on my hands.

  3. That’s some crazy snow! I heard that winter’s really been harsh these past few years; I wonder why, though! I hope you’re all safe and I hope all that snow melts so you can enjoy some warm days

    1. Thanks Claudine. I am hopping it doesn’t melt all at once and cause major flooding but overall I hope it melts soon and spring arrives soon!

    1. I really really hope so Kya. This week is looking good. Less then a cm all week (all on Thursday). So far Halifax has had 292 cm of snow (that’s at the airport outside the city, my area has had about 350 but they officially count at the airports for some reason), Moncton, NB has had 462 and St John, NB has had 477. So the whole Maritime provinces have been hit hard this year. It does have to stop eventually.

  4. Holy crap! I don’t think I realized how much snow you were really getting! Living in Calgary, I just assumed that I have seen worse. I’m rethinking that thought now! YUCK!! Well at least it’s “officially” spring now, so hopefully it can only get better from here…

    1. I remember getting some pretty big snowfalls in Calgary when I lived there but I don’t think I remember anything this big. So far about 350 in the city and 300 at the airport. I am happy it is officially spring and hope that it does get better from here. This weeks looking good.

  5. That’s ridiculous amounts of snow!!! I wonder if you beat the Italian town that was close to the Guinness world record lately when they had 256 cm snow in 18 hours.

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