I guess I can no longer blame the dizziness on being a blond…

I decided to edit and add to this a bit, not all of it was in the original post.

I finally have a diagnosis and mixed emotions about it all…

I have irreversible damage to my vestibular system which is the parts of the inner ear and brain that process sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. This is what is causing my vertigo, nausea and problems with walking and balance. In my case the cause is unknown though he said there is a few things that could cause it, one being vestibular neuritis which is caused by an infection in the ear. This causes swelling which leads to the damage.

The second possible cause in my case is trauma to my head. Based on my past history it could be either or both. Since I have a history of ear infections and other infections and since I also have a history of multiple head injuries over the last 4 years (5 in 4 years). Personally I am leaning towards the injury. Not dwelling on that too much though.

Basically the part of the brain that controls balance re-calibrates itself to compensate for the damage from an injury or vestibular issue and in my case it is either failing to do so or it is over-calibrating even when it does not need to. It could be one or both of these. I found a good explanation of it here.

What this means for me is another 6 weeks or more off of work while I go through more rehabilitation therapy and balance retraining and wait for the medications to kick in and work. In the meantime I feel like hell again. I have gotten sick 3 times since I got up today. I just want to lay down and watch TV and doze off but I have things to do. I just don’t want to do them… it’s the weekend.

I can’t shake the feelings of unease. I can’t concentrate and feel like I am in a constant state of brain fog. I am really nauseous again and am irritable. And just tired.

One thought on “I guess I can no longer blame the dizziness on being a blond…

  1. Well, I am really sorry to hear that the problem is irreversible. But I guess at least you have a diagnosis and a plan of action now. What exactly are the medicines doing for your body? With the medicine in conjunction with your therapy make you “normal” (sorry I’m lacking a better word right now) again, or will you always have some problems with this?

    In other news, geeze girl what’s with all the head injuries you’ve had? That’s insane.

    Wishing you all sorts of luck. xox.

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