I have had enough of winter!

I really have. I am sick and tired of snow. I usually love the winter but this year there has been to much snow, too much rain, too much ice to do anything. We have been stuck without a car for 3 weeks, even longer if you count the days we couldn’t get it out of the driveway or up the street. I have just had it. My drive way is a skating rink! There is 5 + inches of ice covering every little bit. There is not a store in Halifax with salt, sand or anything. Haligonians are getting inventive and you know what that means? Accidents and mishaps. The are calling it the mini ice age and it is starting to feel like it!

I don’t want spring. I want summer and I want it now. Do you hear me mother nature? Now! Please, please please, now! I am tired of falling, freezing, getting soaked, almost getting hit by cars or slipping under moving ones because you have to walk on the roads cause the side walks are too dangerous. I mean walking on side walks that give the local ice skating rink a run for their money. I shouldn’t have to feel like I need a helmet, ice skates and knee and elbow pads to just leave the apartment. Not to mention it being -33 C one day and +3 C the next! It’s frigging crazy. I feel like burrowing into my blankets and refusing to come out until the winter is gone. I am so so close! I think groundhogs have the right idea.

5 thoughts on “I have had enough of winter!

  1. It would be a huge battle. I have never had a winter like that, or a winter where there was a lot of snow at all, and although I admit it ‘looks pretty’ if I was trying to live with it and it became such a bad season as it had been, I would probably feel exactly like you. Especially since it becomes dangerous. Hopefully it will melt away soon and you can ‘keep calm and carry on’. xD

    1. It’s become such a mess, and the more messy it becomes the stupider people get. Like parking half on top of a snowbank, one car was blown over when wind caught under it today. If it doesn’t go away soon we are all going to loose our minds I think.

  2. That sounds like a typical Swedish winter, with the exception that we don’t get -33 degrees, at least not down here. I remember one winter we had something similar but it happens very rarely unless you live in the very north of Sweden.
    But we always have periods with ice everywhere, I hate it, I hate having to risk my life and limbs every time I go out. I also can’t wait for spring and summer, and I want it now.

    1. We don’t get winters like this hear anymore. I hear about when our parents were younger (Cory’s and mine) and how it was like years ago in Nova Scotia and in the Maritimes but we have become so accustomed to milder weather that these last few years have just been unreal.

  3. I am sending you some nice weather vibes from Calgary. We’ve been having some pretty great weather this year and so I guess it’s only fair to share!!

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