I Just Want To Scream

I don’t know what it is. I can’t concentrate at all. I can’t hold a conversation with anyone. Every little sound is overwhelming and confusing if it is not loud enough. I can’t seem to determine where things are coming from. If I hear something and swing around to try and determine where it is coming from then I seem to start spinning. I’m throwing up a lot unless I take gravol which just makes me feel spacey and irritable. And on the other hand loud sounds just pierce my scull and I have a lot of pain just below the ears in that meaty part just behind and below the bottom part of my ear lobe.

Driving to Digby, the pressure through the hills made me feel like someone stuck a chisel in my ears between my brain. It was horrible. I ended up taking 2 extra strength gravol and passing half out in the car. I was playing music from my iphone and even that had to be quite low.

I went to see the physiotherapist at Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre today. She did some testing with Videonystagmography which I later looked up online to get the name of. It was to test to see if there was involuntary eye movements when moving me about. She said it all came back inconclusive. She could not find anything in particular causing my symptoms. She said she was only able to rule a few things out. Which she did not really go into detail on. She arranged another appointment for next Thursday and also a hearing test and sent me home with some balance retraining exercises to do and a couple of sheets to track my symptoms, when they happen, how long they happen and the severity of them.

As the gravol is wearing of I am feeling more nauseous and dizzy as each minute passes. I am so irritable it’s not funny. There just seems to be too much noise, too much stimulation around. It’s really hard to deal with. I’m overwhelmed and I just feel like screaming.

On a totally unrealated topic, I am in the process of setting up hosting through iceglow.net and have pointed my domain to their servers and am probably missing something here cause its not working. I think it is on my end. With network solutions. I have the correct nameservers for iceglow.net but instead when I point to them I instead get the network solutions coming soon page. So it stops forwarding to storyboutagirl.wordpress.com okay but just not pointing.

I know it usually takes time but the whole purchasing of the domain and pointing it to wordpress.com and all the whois stuff showing so quickly I am not sure if I just need to wait a bit longer or if something was missed on the iceglow.net side. It’s been so long since I did any of this and I’m not sure if I am jumping the gun a bit and not giving it time… just seems to be going along with the rest of my mood..

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