I like to write

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I have always enjoyed writing and I love to type. I enjoy sitting in front of a computer, my fingers flying over the keyboard. It’s both soothing and therapeutic for me. There is something about the rhythm of it. Something about the sound the keys make, something about the words forming sentences, something about the idea of communicating your thoughts and ideas that really appeals to me. Obviously, in my last post, I talked about how I want to go back to school and I want to get my bachelor of science degree in computing and information systems minoring in web development and on a side note I think I want to write a bit more as a hobby and as a part of my blogging.

I would like to try and tackle maybe some book reviews if I can manage to sit still long enough to finish a book and not lose my concentration. I also want to try writing some short stories. I have a really good imagination for the most part. I just have a hard time conveying what I am imagining into words sometimes. However, that being said I really want to try and get back into it. I used to write stories as a kid. I even illustrated some of them. It’s amazing how things get lost over the years. I don’t mean physically losing the stories and illustrations, but rather losing the ability over the years to use my imagination the way I used to and to put it into words and make something creative out of it.

I suppose in a way blogging is doing that. However, it’s not the same. Writing about my thoughts and feelings is great and has been very therapeutic in its own way and I will likely never stop doing it. I can’t imagine not ever having this blog and this domain. They have become much a part of who I am as a person. Is that a strange thing to say? No, I don’t think so.

Anyway, I am getting off-topic now. Back to what I was talking about. I want to write. I want to let my creativity unravel and blossom. I don’t know if it’s just my frame of mind right now maybe? Food for thought I guess. Depression seems to do that to me. It makes me more creative, makes me feel more deeply. It’s strange and ironic in a way and even slightly beautiful. It’s a part of me and I would not change it for the world. I think I have to feel sorrow in order to feel joy.

Again, I’m getting off-topic, but I can’t seem to help myself. Sometimes the words just flow, you know? They don’t even always make sense and anyone reading this right now probably thinks I am losing my mind, but it’s quite the opposite. I am feeling inspiration. I just don’t know how to let it out. I don’t know how to turn it into what I see in my head. I see stories. I read a book and I can vividly picture the characters, the setting, the message if there is one and there almost always is.

It’s why I don’t often like watching movies of books I’ve read or at the very least I need to read the book first so that the movie does not ruin it. So it doesn’t shape my mind into seeing things one way when it really wants to see them another way. On the flip side, I am often left sorely disappointed in the movie if I read the book first. I doubt I am alone on that. I know I am not alone on that.

I just have to figure out a way of transforming my ideas into words and sentences again and capture them either here in my blog or in Word or something. I am sure I can do it. I just have to try. There’s something about discovering yourself that never gets old.

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6 thoughts on “I like to write

  1. I feel this post so much! I have always loved writing and done a lot of writing throughout my life (mainly short stories & poetry). I’ve wanted to get back into it for a long time. I hope we both figure out how to get back into it!

    I had a side blog on blogspot that I used to use to write my stuff on. Just an idea if you need a place to get started. You can make it private to start out if you aren’t ready to share!

    1. I have been thinking about that. I actually just purchased another domain and renewed my hosting so I am thinking of taking on another project and try to turn a blog into a side business at some point while I am working on schooling and such. I hope you get it figured out as well. I know I googled some writing exercises to help me get going. Things that are not posted on this blog but just short stories and things I just kept to myself.

  2. I used to write a lot when I grew up too, back then I wrote fictional stories. I don’t do that at all now but my love for writing has come back, although I’m much more likely to use it for personal stories, or article writing in general.
    I totally understand what you mean about seeing a movie after you’ve read the book. I’m often disappointed with how they have chosen actors/actresses because I have a picture in my head about what that character is supposed to look like!

    1. Yes! Exactly! A lot of times they get them wrong and chose actors/actresses that just don’t really fit the part or sometimes they get it right but then mess up somewhere else.

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