I miss my kitty!

I am going to my parents for the weekend and am picking up Max finally. It’s been over a month since we met up with my parents for them to take him. The apartment inspection is done and everything passed. Nothing needs to be fixed. Though I know a few things I would love to have fixed! Starting with the cupboards and linoleum floor tiles.

The cupboards are just so dingy and need to be sanded and either painted or lacquered again. Inside they need to be lined properly. And the linoleum floor tiles (individual tiles) are peeling up because they were just glued to existing linoleum underneath them. It was never done correctly. He saw that but never said nothing. I am assuming that most of that will be done after we leave. Whenever that will be.

Cory’s not coming with me this weekend. He’s gonna stay home and get a ride with his sister and her boyfriend to Truro on Saturday where is parents and aunts and uncles and cousins are staying for a long weekend in cabins there. We had planned on driving down together for a night or just for the day but that was before I went off work and the constant lack of money started. My parents are giving me the money to drive down to Digby and get Max. So I am going to stay the weekend and go to their camp with them if they go (weather depending). I’m hoping it wont rain too hard and we’ll get some camping time in.

I finally finished Connie Willis’ Blackout and All Clear. I have to say in the beginning I was riveted. I love WW2 and reading about events of the blitz. Add time traveling to that and they are actually great books. I did get bored towards the end. But then it took a bit of a twist and I was interested again I’m not much of a book reviewer so I am not going to even try. But I enjoyed them.

I am also about 3/4 done A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I really love Francie. She reminds me of stories of my Grandmother as a kid. I have another book The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker in my overdrive app on my iphone and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman on my hold list. So reading wise I guess I am set for another week or so lol. I guess I wont get as much reading done as I get back into work more and more.

But on the upside maybe I can finally feel like I am gaining back a little control. I still have not got the prescription filled yet that I was given last Friday. I literally do not have a penny to my name and can not stand asking anyone else for any more money. I’m determined I am just gonna wait it out. And deal. It’s so frustrating though. I hate taking a step forward only to be shoved back not so nicely about 10. I really feel I only gain about an inch and it took over a mile to get there. If that makes any sense.

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