I Miss You

Is it to much to ask to have someone love you who doesn’t have to love you because you are thier sister, daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Someone who’ll love you because your you? Not because you’ve been around them since you were a baby or they were and they don’t know anything else.

That’s all I want. Someone who’ll love me for me. The good and the bad. All the pros and the cons. And all the strange quirks and idiosyncrasy’s. They don’t care if I’m crazy one day and quiet the next. Or happy one moment, sad the next. Or excited and scared at the same time.

That’s what I thought I had in you. I remember laying in bed with you laughing one minute crying the next. You made me feel so alive. Like I could do or be anything I wanted. I could jump up and sing out loud and I wouldn’t have to worry what you thought. You loved me anyway.

I know we didn’t know each other very long. But that short short time was the best months of my life. I felt like I belonged somewhere. I had a reason to be. I had a place to fit. Life no longer seemed like a place I was stuck but a place I wanted to be.

You were everything that mattered to me. You made me whole when I didn’t feel complete. You didn’t make me love life or love myself but you made me realize that I DO love life and myself.

I Miss You,
I Love You!

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