I need a vacation

You would think that after months of off work due to health reasons and only being back about 2 weeks full-time that vacation would be the last thing on my mind… but its not! Everyone at work is going on vacation this month and early next and its made me realize in 16 years of working the only official vacation I took was 2 weeks about 3 years ago!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks but they pretty much have everything sorted out. I do not have [glossary slug=”multiple-sclerosis-ms”]MS[/glossary], which is really good news. The bad news is: I have [glossary slug=”fibromyalgia”]Fibromyalgia[/glossary] and [glossary slug=”diabetes”]Diabetes[/glossary]. Between the two of them they account for almost all of my symptoms and a few I had that I never even really thought of until I was told by other people symptoms they had. For example. I have had “floaters” or black or dark grey spots in my vision for a while. I always assumed it was just part of getting older. Never thought much about it. But apparently they can happen because your sugars get high, the numbness I started experiencing can be from either/or [Fibro or Diabetes].

The verdict is still out on [glossary slug=”superior-canal-dehiscence-scd”]Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCD)[/glossary]. Since the test indicate it I still need to get a CT and MRI to rule it out. So I may have a 3rd thing that is totally unrelated but would account for the rest of the “missing” symptoms from above.

Diabetes was a shock. I was so not even thinking about that. It was the last thing on my mind. But my blood sugars are high. The internist I saw is doing additional blood work to see what else the diabetes has involved/affected (heart, cholesterol, kidneys, etc) and to get an idea of what to do. Not sure yet if they are just going to try a diet and exersize based approach to controlling it or if they need to add Metformin or anything else.  I have two diabetic parents so at least I half know what to expect.

11 thoughts on “I need a vacation

  1. Wow, considering you’ve hardly taken any time off since working full-time, I completely understand why you would feel like you need a vacation, because I definitely would too. Sorry to hear about your health conditions, but at least you know what they are now so you can reduce your symptoms. Good luck with everything, I hope you find out soon and all the best to you!

  2. Well even though the diagnosis sucks, at least now you can get on proper medications and know how to take care of yourself with what you now know. It’s really a blessing that you finally know what is going on with your body. xox

    PS, your security code video thing is bullshit. I hate having to watch an advertisement to comment on your blog.

    1. Yeah it is good to know. At least I have something to work with.

      I though I set it to no videos. I was getting so much spam and was trying to find one solution that worked with comments, the registration page and the contact 7 contact forms. Any suggestions? I’ll get rid of the videos and stuff over the next few days

      1. Are you using Askimet (or whatever it’s called)? I use it and it catches all kinds of spam and I never have to see it. What about a text-CAPTCHA?

        1. Yeah I’m using akismet but I’m still getting about 50-60 spam comments a day. I never had that problem on the last server but then again my site spent more time down then up…. so I guess I’ll just have to live with it. I deleted then solve media plugin so there should be nothing but akismet now… I’ll see how it goes.

  3. At least they’ve found a source. That is always a step in the right direction. And who knows, maybe it’s compounding a lot of the other factors. At least it’ll give you something to concentrate on while they try to put all the other pieces together.

    1. I like the idea of something to concentrate on while they figure out the rest of it. Now I just have to figure out what to do.

  4. I can totally see how, even though you’ve had time off, it was for medical reasons so it wasn’t really a vacation. A vacation is where you just sit and do nothing and enjoy it! (At least, that is my preferable vacation: sitting on a beach with a book and doing nothing! Haha!)

    That’s a bummer that you have diabetes and Fibromyalgia, but at least it’s a step forward in that they know what is wrong!

    1. I am gonna do everything in my power to save up my vacation from now on so I can take at least a week next year.

  5. Vacation! Yay! I wish I had more vacation days this year… I always burn them up January-March going down south and to warmer destinations for the winter… This year I’ve been to Vegas, Florida, and out to Alberta to see the Rockies!

    That sucks about the diseases. I have a cousin with diabetes… He was diagnosed when he was about 11 years old. He’s the same age as me now, and he’s learnt to deal with it pretty easily. Mind you it’s hindered his freedoms a little bit because he can’t just get drunk whenever he wants to. And he needs to carry a million things with him all the time to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction.

    Crossing my fingers that there isn’t a third! <333

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