I Need Something To Do

I’ve already started a new theme. This one is cute and I love the colors but there is a lot of mistakes in it (mostly hidden mistakes in the html and stuff… but I just don’t completely like it. I remember when I had this domain before that I would sometimes go months without changing my theme then other times I would have 3 themes in one week. I have the new one all mocked up in Photoshop and I have it half coded in HTML5. I just need to finish coding it and then code it into a WordPress theme.  I like the colors in it too. All shades of blue/grey.

Sunday overnight I had a really bad night and was up all night not able to sleep. I was literally laying in bed feeling like I was in the cabin of a ship (and I have been on a ship before in rocky seas). I just felt a constant “rolling” sensation and tilting sensation, and I felt constantly like throwing up. My ears have been “fluttering” on and off – like water rolling around in there – for days now. On top of that my legs hurt (no idea why).

When I don’t sleep well the next day is hard. I had a headache all day, was nauseous and really didn’t feel well. Today on the other hand has been the exact opposite. I feel almost completely fine with the exception of the annoying fluttering. I’ve been up and moving around and I straitened up while Cory did the dishes. I got Max’s litter box changed and other than feeling the “fluttering” in my ears while doing that I did not get any vertigo or dizziness. So it’s been a good day so far.

I guess I should get back to coding.

2 thoughts on “I Need Something To Do

  1. Oh darling, I feel for you, really I do. Though I’m suffering from different symptoms than you, the end result of not sleeping well recently is the same, and it really stinks! I feel like if I’m not sleeping well I start getting sicker and depressed and that doesn’t help anything at all. Work gets more exhausting and I am more and more tired when I get home but still not able to get a comfortable night sleep! It’s horrible. I really hope you get this figured out soon so you can get on the path to recovery.

    I hope you can show us a sneak peek of your new theme soon! I’m anxious. :k

    1. Thanks. I hate feeling tired all the time. It’s all I can do to get up off the couch. I seem fine just sitting there but I don’t really want to move around much. I’m scared of triggering something. It really does suck. I am glad I am not working right now. Money wise it really sucks but I am not sure I could handle the noise, the movement and all that.

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