I seriously can’t believe our luck, or lack thereof.

I’m at a complete loss. A couple of months ago a guy backed into our car in the parking lot of a grocery store. Cory and I were inside getting groceries. The guy left a note with his phone number and said he was sorry.

I called him and got his insurance information and called my insurance company to file a claim. A few days later a claims adjuster was assigned and I took my car to a collision center and they sent a quote to the adjuster and an appointment was made to have the car fixed.

Now two and a half years earlier a woman backed up into my old car in my apartments parking lot. I was with a different insurance company at the time and I decided to have the claim paid out as it was minor and I chose not to have the car fixed. Which we are allowed to do here. I never had any issues and was with that same company up till this past December.

Anyways after having the car appraised by the collision center this time I talked it over with Cory and we decided that since the there is only a scrape on the front bumper which is made of plastic and that scrape does not even go all the way through the paint anyways and since there are no dents, no other damage at all and car is 100% drivable and would easily pass inspection, just superficial, that we would get it paid out and put the money to use for winter tires for next year.

I called our adjuster with TD Meloche Monnex our insurance company and asked if this was possible and they said yes. I asked if I did this will the car still need to be fixed and they said no, the money is ours to do what we like with. I received the check and put it in the bank. I ended up using some of it towards glasses and the other towards renewing the license plates instead as I have money saved up in a savings bond I will use toward tires later. All seemed good.

Yesterday while at work I received a call from TD asking me to call them. I called and the guy asked if I had got the car fixed yet. I said no, I had the claim paid out instead and was advised that I do not need to have the car fixed. He said in that case that they would be canceling my insurance and not renewing it for next December! I was so pissed off. I was so mad I did not even yell. I just said “Put a supervisor on please”. I am currently awaiting a call.

In the meantime I received a closing letter for the claim saying they were closing it and a total of $1336.60 was paid out to me. I cashed a check for $668.45, where was the other $668.15?? I called my adjuster and she called me back and left a message and apparently they paid the company for repairs that were never done. Essentially paying out my claim twice.

In her message she mentioned me getting my car fixed myself. Which is the exact opposite of what she told me before. That I did not have to get the car fixed. I am so upset and frustrated with them and can not believe that they would cancel an insurance policy over a superficial scratch to a plastic bumper. It can’t even rust!

8 thoughts on “I seriously can’t believe our luck, or lack thereof.

  1. Wow! The nerve of some companies. I guess, they felt that it was more to them than it was to you guys. I would literally talk to their manager about this.

    1. I am waiting on a supervisor to call me back. They were supposed to call in 24-48 hours. Which would have been this evening. I am gonna call them back tomorrow. I also need to drop in.

  2. So you can’t decide for yourself if you want to have the car fixed or not? That’s ridiculous to me. I don’t know about Canada, but here in Sweden people tend to fix their cars for whatever little silly scratch. Personally I’d never do it if it was just something small that doesn’t risk any harm.

    1. Ya people here don’t tend to. The amount of newer cars I see with scraps, scratches and worse are amazing. But yeah apparently it is my choice, I don’t have to fix it. They just wont renew. It’s not illegal for me to not fix it or anything. But they are saying that they do not have to renew. Which I am being told is not true that they do. So I am looking into it further. It might end up getting put a bit on the back burner since I have till December and I have other things more pressing now. But it still ticks me off.

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