I think it’s about time to move…

Cory and I have kinda been going back and forth over the last year or so on moving to a different place. We’ve talked it over and can not really seem to come to the same conclusion with one another on the issue. I wouldn’t really say that we argued over it, however we have had some heated discussions on the topic and have not really came up with any solution.

For me there are numerous reasons as to why I think we should more. The most important one to me is we have mold, and lots of it. The bathroom is really bad. Its behind the toilet were we both have an extremely hard time getting at. Its all around the tub and in the grout between the tiles. Its also under the bathroom sink. There is also mold in the kitchen around and under the sink and behind the fridge and every window in the apartment. We’ve tried mold & mildew removers, tons of household cleaners, bleach, vinegar & water and even pure vinegar and nothing will ever get rid of it never mind prevent it.

Our stove and fridge are ancient. The fridge constantly makes a loud squealing our landlord can not seem to fix. Recently the big burner (we have 1 large & 3 small) stopped working on the stove. We haven’t even gone to the landlord about that one yet… Our light in the washroom flickers on and of when you turn it on and has a habit of going off completely right after you get shampoo in your hair when your in the shower and there is no window and not much hall light so it typically means taking your shower in the pitch dark. Lastly the deck door refuses to close all the way and lock and randomly pops open.

Even with all this plus the lack of space, since we have way to much stuff for a small one bedroom apartment, I still can not get Cory on board. I know his been in the building now for almost 10 years and the apartment 7. But its time to move! This spring and summer I’m just going to start looking and tell him when I find a good place that we are moving or else LOL. He says we cant afford to but its like having kids… We are never going to be able to afford to, we’ll just have to do it anyways!

So that’s my argument and I need to stick to it or we’ll still be here in 40 years.

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