I’m so excited!

So tomorrow we are picking up our new (to us) car! We both get paid so we will have enough for the rest of the down payment so I have made an appointment to fill out the rest of the paperwork, pay the down payment and pick up the Fiesta at 10 am. I have all the paperwork in order for the current car that we are trading in. I am so excited about it.

I took the morning off work to go get it. I will take some pictures of it this weekend and post them. We plan on going fishing and maybe for a drive. This time I have to get my camera out. Last weekend we went for a drive and I brought the camera but never bought batteries for it and it stayed in my car the whole time. We got lost in Lunenburg, Cory and I got in a fight and then no one felt like getting out of the car after that. This weekend will be better

I have been working my ass off at work the last few weeks. I have trained myself in our software. It usually takes 5-6 people to train a class of 5-15 people, because each person training takes different parts of the software and systems (which I already know) and it usually takes about 4-6 weeks to do this. I have done it in a little under two weeks, and I passed the tests pretty easily. I am going to Y-Cord with some of the software agents to get some hands on experience and I have downloaded the software at home as there is a 90 day trial.

I have been working there for almost 3 years so I know our products (at least the hardware aspects of them) very well. Now that I am learning the software it just kind of brings it all together. Not many people cross train and even less do any of the coach training before becoming a coach, so when the time comes I should be well prepared lol.

I am really enjoying it. I have to try and put some of the stuff I learned from the Coaching Out Of The Box materials to work with my team, which has dwindled down from 14 to 3 (+3 hardware people on loan). Since they are being cross trained on hardware soon for the busy season I will have to do it soon. Its hard though cause I am not a coach and have to be careful of overstepping my bounds.

They keep saying they want to see me stepping outside of my comfort zone and really trying to put some of this to use, I just am having a hard time knowing where the lines are drawn. Not to mention that some of the agents didn’t take to well to me getting chosen for the position over them. Which I know happens all the time and if I was to become a coach at some point I would have to learn to deal with it. I’m just a little stuck on how to do so without running to my coach and “squealing” on them… obviously no one likes a squealer. I am just gonna keep plugging away at it though, I have confidence in myself and that I will figure it all out.

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  1. WHOO!! Good luck picking up your car. Love that you took the day off for it. So cute Pictures to follow I hope.

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