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Over the years I have had many inspirational women in my life. I have been very lucky in this regard. My mom, my aunts, my Grandmothers (Nan and Grammy A.), my great Aunts and my great Grandmother (Grammy), among many other various family members and family friends. So I definitely haven’t lacked female role models… So I’d like to introduce my Great Grandmother (Grammy).


This picture was taken in April 2010, which would have been two months after her 101st birthday! And guess what? She will be celebrating her 106th birthday on February 27th! Which also happens to be Cory’s 35th birthday as well. And I will be going, as long as the weather cooperates. I did the math which means she was born in 1909. Can you imagine the changes in the world she has seen and the things, both good and bad she has seen? The other people in the picture are my Mom and Me. I feel bad about missing Cory’s birthday but I missed Grammy’s 105th birthday last year and I am sure he understands

I’m in awe of her honestly. Up until about 2-3 years ago she was still getting around completely unaided, she still lives alone in the house her and my great Grandfather lived in for over 50 years before he passed away (though her Grandson lives next door) and was going up and down her basement stairs on her own doing her laundry. She now has a walker which she, half the time, refuses to use and has someone cook, clean and do laundry. She still “fights” them to do the dishes and fold her laundry.

As far as her life, I don’t know much about her really when she was younger. I know she and my great Grampy had two children, my Grandfather (Mom’s Dad) who I never met, he died before I was born, when mom was 4 and my great Aunt who is awesome and has been an inspiration and influential in my life as well. As for Grammy, I love listening to her tell stories which she surprises us with from time to time or what my great Aunt tells us about her. It’s a real treat when she tells us things about her life and we treasure every minute of it.

4 thoughts on “Inspirational women

  1. Wow! God Bless your Great Granny! That’s fabulous that she’s celebrating such a wonderful milestone birthday! She truly is an inspiration. The stories that she shares are true treasures.

  2. WOW, 106? That is awesome! What’s her secret?

    She sounds like my own great grandmother on my mother’s side. She passed away a few years ago at the age of 96. But she kept tricking everybody that she was going about every other year from the age of 85 that she was moving on from this world. Great Grandma was a stubborn woman who had the best stories. She had 11 kids and when her husband passed, she still kept a lover on the side and explored the world after all the kids were out of the house. I could go on.

    I think every family needs elders to look up too. People who fully lived their lives and are proud of themselves and their accomplishments. People who demonstrate that age is just a number! I think it’s awesome you listed her as one of you heroes

    1. I know eh? I wonder what her secret is all the time but she’ll tell you it’s nothing. That she just lived her life the way she wanted. Your great grandmother sounds amazing, imagine exploring the world, having a lover after your husband dies, sometimes elderly people really amaze me with what they have been through and their outlook on life. So different from our generations…

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