It’s about time

After a lot of looking around I finally picked out our Christmas present and put $100 down on it and put it on lay away. My parents asked me a while ago what we wanted for Christmas and I really couldn’t come up with anything. So Mom asked what we needed and what we really really need is a new mattress and boxspring.

Ours are old hand me down’s from Cory’s parents that if I remember correctly are as old as us. It’s just not healthy and Cory can’t even sleep in the bed anymore. He starts out some nights in bed but after 2-3 hours of snoring, moving around and trying to get comfortable he heads to the couch. We have not slept a whole night in the bed together in months.

The side I sleep on has a huge hole in it where the coils have just given away and the side he is on has a huge uncomfortable lump that is right where his back is. It is so uncomfortable to sleep on. So it has been a long time overdue. Mom and Dad are giving us $300 towards the set. I was initially going to just get a mattress because it’s so expensive to get a set but Nothin Fancy Furniture have queen size pillow top mattresses on for $299 and this weekend they are having a no tax event.

I called Kent and Home Depot to find out how much it would cost to have some boards cut to go across the frame and a piece of plywood and believe it or not it was like $120. A new boxspring is $150 so I figured I might as well go that route. So Mom and Dad esentially are buying us the mattress and I am buying the boxspring.

I am so happy! I can’t wait to get it home… now to figure that part out and how to get the old one out of here…

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