It’s Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year and autumn is my favorite season typically. I never really had time this year to look for a Halloween costume for work. Kind of wish I had. There was some great costumes. I would have taken pictures but as it is a secure area I couldn’t. It seems though that everyone was having a great time dressing up. I was only there 4 hours so I missed a lot of the Halloween festivities they had going on. I still enjoyed all the costumes. One person even asked me if my crutches were a part of my Halloween costume. I just kind of laughed and said no unfortunately not. No costume for me

One thing I noticed on my way home around 6:15 PM was that there was barely any little children out. A few years ago they would go out mostly around 6 PM with the bigger kids going out around 8 PM. But today I had only seen one child all the way home. When I was a kid when 6 PM hit the streets were teeming with kids and parents. I remember that even when my brother was young and I was in my teens. At what point did kids stop going out as much? I know all my nieces, my nephew, god son and some of my little cousins all went out. Where were the rest of the kids?

Oh well… food for thought. Anyways I am working on a new theme. Retro is all I am going to say. Not sure how good it will turn out but I was inspired by something

2 thoughts on “It’s Halloween!

  1. I’m fascinated that we didn’t have at least my husband’s nieces and nephews here last night. We’re in my inlaws’ house now so we’re close. But I’m glad they didn’t come by because I wasn’t well last night, and we had no candy either (only for the cat, lol).

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new theme!

    1. I’m not sure how many kids came here, we are in an apartment and the landlord and a few tenants go out each year. I volunteered earlier but since I am still using crutches some I ended up staying inside.

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