It’s mid-year already!

Okay so it was mid-year on the first of the month, but who’s counting? Especially this year! At this time last year Eddie and I took a short trip to the Islands (Briar Island & Long Island, NS) and I took this picture. I don’t remember the exact date but I am pretty sure it was near mid-June. What a difference from last year to this year. It’s a reminder though, that things will be okay. We just have to keep on movin’ on. I am hopeful though for the remainder of the year. I am always hopeful though, it’s sort of in my nature, at least when I am not suffering from depression or anxiety.

January was rough and really all I remember of it was the fires in Australia and the plane crash over Iran in which our dentist Dr. Shari was killed. I was still off work from everything that went on in November and December of 2019, you can read some of those posts if your new or interested in reading more by going to my 2019 archive which goes backward (not the right word but can’t for the life of me think of it right now). February was okay and I applied to Athabasca University and got accepted (not that it’s hard, you pretty much just have to be 19.

March, well we all know what March, April, and May were like for most, if not all of the world. Lockdowns, Coronavirus & COVID-19, and people dying by the hundreds. Not going to go into any of that because there isn’t likely one person on the whole planet who doesn’t know what went and is going on. April took another horrible turn on Saturday, April 18th, and Sunday, April 19th for the people of Nova Scotia. Again not going to write about it as I wrote all about it here other than to say a man dressed as an RCMP officer (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and drove a replica RCMP car across the top of the province and murdered 22 people.

The second half of April and all of May was mostly just being in lockdown still and trying to come to grips with the above situation as well as COVID-19. Thankfully the end of May and through till now in mid-June we have been seeing some restrictions relaxed and lifted around the province as we recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Our province lost 62 people, most of whom (50-something) were from one long-term care facility in Halifax. We’ve had 1,061 cases (we are a small province of about 940,600), 996 of those who are recovered, which if you do the math means we only have 3 active cases in the province at the moment. We have not had a new case in 5 days.

And that brings us up to today. All I have done today was we took a small drive on a loop through Annapolis Royal (Lequille actually – not that that probably means anything to anyone outside NS), Bear River, Smiths Cove, and back to Deep Brook. I am totally just guessing but I would say 20-30 km maybe if that. We got beef jerky, grabbed a steak from the store, and came home.

Eddie got the bathroom cleaned while I read a chapter and did an assignment in one of my courses and then worked on re-writing all the pages and fixing images on one post on The Great Canadian Housewife and finished tweaking the new theme I am using. Too lazy (and no time) to make one from scratch so just found one that I could easily make look how I wanted which was fairly easy since it is a beautiful and well-made theme by the very talented Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs which I only changed a little bit to fit in with my color scheme and font scheme I want to try and use for a while.

And that’s it. That was the first half of 2020. Mom & Dad have both had their birthdays this month and last, my brothers birthday is on the 21st of June, he’ll be 29 (being 11 years older than him that makes me feel really old!), and myself and Eddie have birthdays on the 6th and 11th (respectively). We are having one party for the two of us at mom and dad’s, a pool party hopefully with an ice-cream cake.

We are unsure yet if anyone else can or will come or not. We are officially allowed gatherings again up to 20 people as long as social distancing (2m/6ft rule) is practiced. At the moment pools are not allowed to open and even though it is a back-yard personal pool we are following the guidelines that if they don’t think it is safe to open pools then we are not having anyone else in the pool but us meaning that we can’t invite anyone, because obviously it would not be fair to invite people and not let them in and we really want to spend the day in the pool if the weather co-operates.

We may invite a friend and her family (hubby and 1 child) over for cake after outside away from the pool (they have their own anyways but I don’t want to have it near the pool as it is not fair to the child even if we are not going in and I am not sure about safety and if it’s safe for her to swim in a pool that we were in previously so no point even going there. So somewhere away from the pool. Luckily we have 3 acres to choose from (well about 1/2 unless we want to be in the woods).

I meant to end this post up there where I said and that’s it… so yep, that’s really it, 2020 so far.

10 thoughts on “It’s mid-year already!

  1. I was going to say the new theme is really lovely. I’ll have to check that place out. XD

    Yeah this year has just been nuts…nice to see stuff is getting better in your area and you’re trying to stay safe.

    Man I miss having a pool. I’d love to go swimming.

    1. Thanks, the theme on this blog was done by me, it’s the one on The Great Canadian Housewife that was done by Beautiful Dawn Designs with some slight edits by me.

      Yeah, we are expecting another COVID wave I am sure likely in the fall or winter but for now, we can enjoy some sunshine and outside stuff at least and some minimal indoors stuff as long as social distancing and stuff are in place. I can’t wait to get in the pool. They have some water in it but are still in the process of filing it and dad is fixing the saltwater filter that broke so not in it quite yet which sucks cause it’s been a week of 20-degree weather!

  2. Happy belated birthday to the both of yall! That is what is crazy to me as well, that the year is half over, it seems like so little and so much has happened at the same time, like it’s hard to wrap my mind around it to be honest. It seems like yall did a great job at the reopening, because where I am at we are hitting the second wave and hitting record highs on positive cases. Yet they are on their way to open up the rest of the state soon, and decided school for k-12 will be opening up in early August. Have fun at your party!
    Tiffany recently posted…For Justice and Not for Hate

    1. Thanks, our birthday’s are next month actually We are on day like 19 or something now with no cases. But everyone is still being really cautious and slow reopening. I think we all expect a second wave of it at some point.

  3. Love your new theme It's amazing how fast half a year flies by. Happy belated birthday to you both as well! Yeah, I'm not happy about Texas or the rest of the US reopening. So bad.
    Michelle recently posted…Lone Prayer

    1. Thanks! I was wondering why everyone was saying happy belated birthday and I just realized I forgot to specify July 6th and 11th, not June. Oops. I heard today that Texas is taking a step back with the reopening, that sucks. I hope you guys can get a handle on cases soon. Lots of places still have so many cases and are reopening and it’s scary!

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