It’s ours!

Cory and I went to City Mazda today to test drive the 2011 Ford Fiesta SEL that we looked at last week and we got great news. As soon as we pay the $750 down payment (they would not accept $500 but we can swing the $750) the car is ours, we have been approved! I am so excited. Here it is:

Our new car!
Our new car!

I asked to test drive it before I made a decision as we did not test drive it when we were there last week. I like it even more since test driving it. I have to say for a subcompact car and a car that is smaller in size then my current Cobalt it is really still quite roomy (the 4 door sedan version anyways). It was really great to drive.

The car has all the bells and whistles that you can imagine. It has heated front seats, its an automatic (can’t drive a standard, though I want to learn some day), rear seat heat/air ducts, halogen head lamps, 16in chrome wheels, driver knee air bags, front/rear side curtain air bags, ambient lighting package w/ 7 colors (the front foot well, cup holders and under the front seats/in the rear foot well lights up with one of the 7 colors), Ford Sync entertainment in-car connectivity platform, Leather-wrapped steering wheel w/metallic spokes, 60/40 split rear seats w/adjustable head restraints, air conditioning, power doors and windows, Solar tinted glass, AdvanceTrac electronic stability control (ESC) and much more!

I put $100 of the $750 down and I have a birthday coming up July 6th, so I am hoping maybe to see if my parents can give me money a little early towards the down payment. With the 2 pays for me and 3 for Cory (he’s weekly) we will be able to come up with the rest of it in a few weeks and then we can pick it up. Llyod, the sales guy said he would get it in in the next few days to be detailed and fill up the tank for us! I am so so so excited! Can’t you tell?

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  1. Wow the car looks great! You guys made a great choice.
    It’s great that you had the option of test driving it before buying it. I think buying a car is just like buying clothes–no matter how great it may look, you won’t really know if it’s suited for you until you give it a go yourself. I’m glad you like it a lot still after the test drive.
    It has so many features! I don’t even really know what half of them are haha. It sounds like you’re making a sound investment. I really hope you and Cory are able to get it! Let us know when you finally drive the little baby home. (;

  2. Congrats on the new car. It looks like a great buy. Does it come with a sun roof as well? Seems like a great deal, fully loaded and everything

  3. Congrats on the car! $750 is really not bad as a down payment. It’s really loaded! I can’t believe all of that comes in the car.

    I’ve always wanted to learn to drive a standard, too. The only person I know that can drive one is my dad, so I want to ask him to teach me. I just have to buy a little cheap one first.

    BTW, I can not see the images on the site in Firefox. I had to use Safari to see them. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I figured I’d let you know.

    1. Yeah, $750 is really not that bad considering the cost of the car, I was actually approved for more then I expected. The car has so much that I am sure I will be “discovering” stuff for weeks lol.

      My father can drive a standard and so can my mom, neither Cory and I can not. Someday I plan on learning.

      I also tried my blog in Firefox and am having the same issue. I tested it a while ago and it worked fine. I am not sure what is happening, when I get a chance I will try and figure out why it’s happening and try and fix it. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Congrats on the new car! Looks spiffy! Sounds like what we are going through with trying to a rent a townhouse. Hahaha Wish me luck too!

  5. It’s so cute how you have different pictures of your cat on every page. Congratulations on getting getting approved on a Ford Fiesta! (More kudos since it’s an American car). Hopefully you’ll get the money as soon as you can so you can enjoy driving the Fiesta in every trip you make :P. I can imagine how roomy it must be! And the features sounds great! Hopefully the MPG is great on the car too!

    1. Thanks about Max (the cat) I love having the pictures different on every page. I think I only have 4 or 5 of them so I am sure you’ll see repeats at some point

      Sorry your comment got caught up in the anti-spam filter.

      I am really happy with the car. I am happy two that it is a North American car, then again so’s the cobalt I currently have. I was going for the Mazda but the Ford just impressed me more. The MPG is better then the car I currently have. I checked it out and did some research on the car before I decided to go for it.

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