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It’s hump day and it really feels like hump day. I can’t wait for this week to be over. I have waited on average 1 1/2 hours each evening after work for a cab that tonight never showed up (after 1 hour and 45 minutes). A co-worker offered to drive me home and before I had a chance to call the cab company the driver called me and I answered not thinking and he gave me an earful… so I yelled right back. Won’t be calling that cab company anytime soon.

I’m in awe of human beings. Since I started supporting software I have been called every name in the book. I get people who don’t know how to turn on a computer and navigate Windows or the Mac OS and they expect you to solve everything for them… including errors that have nothing to do with any of our software and clearly say so. Spent 45 minutes today trying to explain to a woman who could not even find the power button on her Mac that I can not explain to her how to install software if she did not know  how to turn on her computer or what a file or web browser was. This is going to be a bit of an adjustment period I think.

Oh yeah, and it looks like I wont be going to New Brunswick for my Great-Grandmothers birthday after all. Pretty bummed about that. But hoping Mom and I can go in the spring. Would like to take Cory there and spend some time in the cabin on the lake that my Aunt and Uncle own. They said pretty much anytime.

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  1. That job sounds stressful. I think you’re really bound to encounter people like that when you’re with customer service or other front-office jobs. And with your description of the customers, that does sound hard. I once had to teach my dad how to upload a photo and we talked for an hour just teaching him how to navigate the laptop. I hope you get to adjust soon and good luck

    1. It can be stressful, especially with everything that has happened since last Friday with one of the guys that works there, but the actual job itself isn’t really. The calls can be really stressful in the moment, but not something that really follows you home. It’s true though that in customer service and/or tech support jobs it’s part of the territory.

  2. LOL! I know all about that, I often need to help people with this and that since everybody knows I’m a computer geek. I definitely don’t have the patience for that. After helping my mother to update Adobe Flash, I decided that the next time I’m going to use some kind of remote desktop thing and do it myself.

    1. I sometimes get people asking me for help with computer related stuff, and sometimes someone will mention an issue that I will jump in and say “I know how to fix that” and then instantly regret my words lol. We do the remote desktop thing all the time at work. We have our own software to do it. I used to use SplashTop to control my computer from my iPhone or tablet.

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