Kejimkujik National Park

November 17, 2019 – I am going to apologize in advance. I wrote this post 3 months ago and somehow did not post it thought it was pretty much finished. It’s not that we didn’t do anything over the summer, we did, I just haven’t bothered doing much with the pictures. I will have to go back through my phone and camera and see what I have and maybe do a few more posts. I am going to backdate this one to the day I originally wrote it one posted. 

Eddie and I decided a few days ago that since he was not working today that we would find something to do, something outdoors. Yesterday we decided to go to Kejimkuji National Park (Keji for short) which is a large National Park part of the Parks Canada network. I have been there before but it was years and years ago. The park has a couple of waterfalls (not huge ones), some hiking paths, look offs, a river, a couple of lakes with beaches, a canteen, and campground.

We started with a small hike along the river. There is a floating bridge you cross past the waterfall away and then a two-kilometer loop you can hike. We planned to go swimming later in the afternoon so we didn’t do the 2 km hike. We did, however, cross the bridge and then turned back to go find the canteen and go swimming.

I didn’t get as many pictures as I like because I had gotten my Canon Camera quite wet the day before at the Zoo. It ended up working fine still but I didn’t use it for a while just in case. I have used it since with no issues. I was concerned about it though initially as I never noticed until today when I took it out and the case was soaked, the battery drained and the camera had some moisture on it.

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