Kejimkujik Seaside Park Part 1

So with spring finally here and Eddie and I both having the day off tomorrow I am planning a special trip to Kejimkujik Seaside Park in Port Joli, NS for tomorrow. We need to be up and leave by 9 AM (10 at the very latest) tomorrow to be there before lunch time. I am so so so excited! I have never been but have always wanted to go! I love our provincial parks and I love the ocean. It’ll be a great opportunity for some great pictures I hope as well.

Since last weekend I have been wanting to go somewhere this weekend but wasn’t really sure where until today. I thought about Kejimkujik National Park which is inland from the Seaside one but is all part of the same park system. I debated a little over both because I don’t think I have been to the inland one either which has a lot of hiking trails, rivers and a waterfall but I decided I would rather go to the seaside one tomorrow instead. Sometime this spring or summer we will go to the other part of the park as well.

So stay tuned for some pictures tomorrow or the next day. Depends on how late we get home tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Kejimkujik Seaside Park Part 1

    1. Thanks Susanne, I had a great day! I love going to national and provincial parks. I haven’t uploaded the photos from Kejimkujik yet but I do have some other ones from this weekend that I uploaded. I might have to go back to Keji to take more later.

    1. Thanks Chynna I did! It was a lovely walk through woods and then seaside and beach. I took a lot of pictures but I’m not really happy with them and am not very good at editing. Hopefully I will get them up soon.

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