Last minute Christmas Shopping

We went shopping this with Cory’s Dad and sister so I was able to get some last minute shopping done. Since I had not really even started this was a good thing. I really hate stores this close to Christmas though!

We went to the Giant Tiger in Lower Sackville first, then went to the Wheaton’s there. I have to say I love that store! It’s a Nova Scotian store and there is only a few in NS and one or two now in New Brunswick but it has the nicest furniture, very expensive stuff, however they are all hand made.

There are also lots of old fashioned and country type stuff, pictures and paintings, which oddly enough are reasonably priced compared to the furniture. Old fashioned candies and fudge. The best of all is Kuerig cups, 24 for $15.95 which is an excellent price. We bought 48.

We went to Walmart and I picked up Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3 for Cory.Then we went to Atmosphere where I got a Mountain Hardware Turnagain And Again™ jacket. I have to say I love it!


4 thoughts on “Last minute Christmas Shopping

  1. I think a lot of people are doing some last minute shopping. I went to get some stocking stuffers for my husband and the stores were packed!

    Super cute jacket, btw! =)

    1. Ya we went again today to get some last minute gifts and there was line ups just to get into the stores! And thanks about the jacket Wore it today for the first time. It’s nice and comfy

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