Last weekend of freedom

I go back to work on Monday! I am doing a 6 week return to work program. I can’t believe it has been over 3 months. I start out on week one with 3 3-hour shifts (mon, wed, fri) and then the next week is 5 3-hour shifts, and so on until I am back to full-time. I am happy about that. EI just isn’t cutting it. We are so behind. I even sold $350 worth of gold jewelry this morning to try and catch up and it barely made a dent.

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks with doctors appointments, balance/physio appointments and work related stuff. I also cleaned our apartment from the top to bottom, only took two weeks lol. Well I really only cleaned 3 days out of the two weeks.

We also went camping twice. Once with my parents and some friends of theirs and the second time with Cory’s friend, his fiance and their baby boy. That was fun. I got to hold the baby a lot and even got to put him to bed one night. I want one! They are so cute and cuddly. Maybe soon.

One thing I noticed while camping is that the Celexa was really affecting my energy, my mood, motivation and depression. I was actually starting to get really depressed. While camping the first time I forgot to bring it with me and after about 4 days off of it I realized it was doing that. So I called my family doctor and he suggested stopping it till I saw the ENT again. Good news is my energy level is back somewhat, I don’t feel depressed at all, I’m less moody and my motivation to do things is coming back. Bad news is that the vertigo, nausea and vomiting has come back as well.

I also did something I have never ever ever done in my life. It cheered me up a bit. I tried on and then bought a dress, a cardi and flats to complete the outfit! I think I was about 6 the last time I bought one. I have to say it looks pretty cute. I’m a bigger girl (size l or xl or 12 or 14) so it doesn’t quite look like that on me but it is still really cute. It’s for Cory’s best friends wedding in August as well as a back to work present for myself.

Since I really need to make sure I am blogging and I was getting really tired of the theme I had I decided to install a new theme. It’s a premade and not mine but I tweaked it slightly and will continue to do so until I get bored with it or decide to create a new one. But I think it’s simple and cute.

2 thoughts on “Last weekend of freedom

  1. That’s the one thing that drives me nuts about medications. Yes they help with one problem or situation, but the side effects can be just as unbearable while taking it!

    Good luck with your return to work. And I like your theme. It’s simple and basic and not overly cluttered.

    1. I’ve always had that problem. When you feel miserable the last thing you want is a whole new boatload of symptoms to deal with. It’s so frustrating.

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