lazy days :p

I’m on vacation, I have every right to be a bit lazy :p Right? Ok so I slept in till noon. I feel so lazy but I’m showered and semi dressed. I am going out tonight so I’m just gonna hang out in sweats till then… since my clothes are in the wash anyways. But, I woke up without a headache and no pain in my neck or shoulder! This is the first time in like 3 and a half weeks I’ve been completely pain free. Lets hope it stays that way for a bit.

I’m lost not being at work. Really, it sucks. I was so looking forward to going to Florida. But it never seems to work out. They never go. They make plans and then always change their minds. I don’t know why I bother getting excited over it. I shouldn’t have till I was on my way. I know better. If I had someone that would go with me I’d be tempted to start saving money now for the summer and go for like 2 weeks. I have family there we could stay with. I want to go to so bad. I’ve never been.

I think I might just give in and go back to work monday. They’ll not say no. They are always short people on mondays. If I call today or tomorrow and take a shift then I can’t go back on it. And it will give me more money. Should I? I know… I’m the only one that can answer that…

The guilt about the computer is gone. Thank god. I feel I deserve something. I’ve worked my ass off. I should be proud of myself. And I am. Sometimes old habits die hard though. I always used to feel so guilty about anything and everything. Right now something my brother said the other day is bugging me. And I didn’t even say it! He did… Odd…

But anyways. I really have nothing else to say. Feels good. I have nothing to complain about!!! It’s fucking great!

I love this song!

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