Learning JavaScript

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science

I’ve been a bit bored waiting for my school to start. Everything is in place for me to start June 1st but until then I have very little to do. So I decided to use Khan Academy to learn some things while I am waiting. This is my very first JavaScript drawing I did. It’s not much of an accomplishment probably in some people’s eyes but I thought it was kinda cute. There is so much stuff on there. Great place to go if you are looking to refresh stuff from grade school or even learn something new. I figured I might as well get into the swing of things and start taking some online courses to occupy my time and also to get into a bit of a schedule and to refresh some stuff, especially math.

Other then this I haven’t been doing much so this is going to be a short blog post. I have been super sick still with a cold/flu I got about a month ago. I talked to my doctor on the phone today and he is prescribing antibiotics as he thinks I may have another sinus infection. I have a low-grade fever that comes and goes, sore throat, headache, lethargy or fatigue so bad I have been spending more time in bed than even on the couch, a dry cough, muscle aches and upset stomach, chills, and all that fun stuff. He did not seem to be concerned about it being Covid-19 so neither am I. It started before we even got the first case here anyways and every time I start getting better I get sick again. It sucks.

I will update again soon, hopefully, every week or so if I can. I have plenty of time, just nothing to say at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Learning JavaScript

  1. Aw, it is cute! Not a bad idea to try learning other stuff. I never learned javascript myself.

    I hope you get better soon though!

  2. I like your snowman! But is it built with Js? Is it supposed to move or something?
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Sometimes I’m tempted to do something coding-wise, especially when I saw Pluralsight had everything free for the month of April. But at the same time I am mostly just annoyed by everything coding/web stuff (unless it’s about writing) right now! And I feel learning everything I’d need to learn to get anywhere with it for a career would take such a long time.
    Good luck with the Javascript!

    1. Thanks, it is built with Js, it’s not animated though, that was the next lesson, animating things. I am worried a little about how long it will take for everything. I am taking a full 4-year undergrad degree and there are some different graduate degree options as well that are an additional 1.5 to 3.5 additional years but I am really unsure if they are really necessary. Likely not for what I want to do which is work for myself, not someone else. I know I can learn a lot of it on my own but I need the structure of the University I think and also I just really want to have the degree as well in case I want to go further with it and do want to work for a IT company at some point.

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