Learning and re-learning to code

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I started designing websites back in 2000 when living with my ex-boyfriend who was a computer science major at UNB in New Brunswick. He taught me HTML and CSS and set me up with a self-hosted website and domain name after a few months of playing around on Geocities and Angelfire. That’s when my love of blogging began.

At some point a few years later I took Web Design and Internet publishing through an online distance education school in Halifax. It was a 2-year degree in HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and basic design principals but this was before WordPress. I used something called Greymatter pre-WordPress and used it for a few years for my blogs.

Over the years between 2000 and 2009 when I first purchased storyboutagirl.org, I had owned a number of domain names. I won’t bother mentioning any specific ones as honestly, I can’t remember and they don’t really matter. All were hosted WordPress sites, most of which were hosted where this one is now. At first, I mostly used themes that I got off the WordPress theme repository or free or paid themes online even though I was pretty much able to make my own or customize ones quite a bit. I started a few years ago mostly making my own themes.

Over the last few months, I have been re-teaching myself HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and I’m not going to stop there. I have been mostly using w3schools and SoloLearn as well as YouTube video tutorials. As SoloLearn is completely free I plan to do everything they have to offer and the same with w3schools even if a lot of it is the same between both. I have also been reading the WordPress Theme Developer Handbook and the WordPress codex as well as taking some courses through Udemy. I plan to completely teach myself everything I can find online for free or cheap having to do with PHP, Java, Java Script, SQL, jQuery, C++, Ruby, etc.

While continuing to concentrate on WordPress theme development as well as design. I plan to eventually start selling pre-made themes and offering some free ones along with web hosting (which I sell now) and custom design which I am already doing mostly for friends and family on a relatively small basis. I really want to switch to full-time web design and theme development, maybe I will even tackle Joomla! as well at some point. Something I haven’t done beyond installing it for testing purposes.

I am really excited and hoping to take my career eventually in another direction on a part-time basis for a while continuing to work at the bank and maybe eventually down the road I will make it a full-time career. I would love to go back to school full-time and take something somewhere but it’s just not an option and I think I will do better just continuing to teach myself.

6 thoughts on “Learning and re-learning to code

  1. It is good that you started to learn how to code again. It took me a while to understand WordPress, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be good to go. There are a ton of resources out on the internet. It is up to you on how to find them and make the best out of them. Good luck with everything!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I am looking forward to learning some new things and putting it all together. Everything I know is so fragmented due to just teaching myself by looking things up but not always understanding what I am doing. Sometimes going back to the basics is needed. Besides, when I took it in college it was in the early 2000s, lots has changed I have found a ton of resources, tutorials, coding sites with practice. There is a ton of free stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to wade through though as not everything is done correctly.

  2. What a fun adventure coding is! I learned from HTML4 for Dummies and my first site was a neopets page! I am still trying to learn php and functions so I’m reading WordPress for Dummies now! Good luck!

    1. WordPress for dummies was pretty good but I find I like to watch video tutorials. I find some of the stuff on the WordPress documentation site a little dry. As for coding, there is tons of places out there that have free lessons and tutorials.

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