Lemon and lime

A friend of mine at work got me hooked on slicing lemon and lime in my water. I love it! I have a hard time drinking the amount of water I should be. I find this helps. Its got me thinking about what other people do to help them eat healthier and/or loose weight.

The same friend is on some crazy diet that she lost 27 lbs in 30 days. Which is way to much, I’m sure. She is a fairly big girl but still. I figure just adding exercise and watching calories and eating more fruits and vegetables will he me. My best friend is a nutritionist so that helps too.

Here is my shopping list from today.

  • ● lemon
  • ● lime
  • ● red grapes
  • ● oranges
  • ● celery
  • ● cucumber
  • ● carrots
  • ● large fresh attitude asiago ceasar salad kit
  • ● yogurt
  • ● tatziki

Its more healthy food then I’ve bought in a long time!

I’m also just wondering if anyone else has a success story they want to share? Any suggestions, tips or tricks? You can use the contact page if you don’t want to comment here.

10 thoughts on “Lemon and lime

  1. Lemon and lime definitely helps with drinking water. I also have a problem with drinking water as it is. I want some kind of flavour in it. I often add mint leaves as well, it goes very nicely with lemon.

    1. I have not tried mint leaves yet, I image they would be good with strawberries. I really like strawberries in my water too. I might try mint with lemon, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I hate lemon and lime in my water lol I’m always pulling them off the glass and dumping it in hubby’s glass when we’re out at a restaurant. But I don’t usually have a problem with consuming water either.

    The best advice I can give you is don’t be afraid to try new things. I lost forty pounds two/three years ago because I challenged myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Granted, I’ve slipped in the last 9 months because of how unexpected life has been, so I’ve gained some of that back. Slow and steady weight loss is easiest to keep off in the long run. Include strength training with your regular exercise plan, this builds muscle which helps with increasing your metabolism, which helps burn more fat.

    And eat!

    That’s probably going to sound strange. If you go from being highly sedentary to highly active, common sense says eat less, lose faster. This can actually hurt you. If you are more active, make sure you’re eating enough healthy food (good carbs, lean protein) as well to sustain muscle growth to help with fat burning. You don’t want to accidentally drive yourself into a state of starvation and then you’re body will be super stubborn to let anything go because you’ve reached a ketonic (sp?) state. You shouldn’t be eating anything less than 1200 calories a day. (I usually eat between 1400 and 1600 depending on my activity level.)

    If you have a myfitnesspal account, friend me this is where I track everything I do: exercise and food. I love liking people’s status and leaving encouraging comments. And I am so sorry about the length of this comment. But when I see someone making an effort to improve themselves and their life, I want to help encourage them (as chessy as that might sound).

    1. Actually eating does not sound strange at all. I had set my goal as 1200 a day but my best friend advised me it was too low, she’s a nutritionist. She told me 1400 is better, as long as I add exercise I will loose weight because I was eating over 2000 before. Dropping to 1200 I was constantly hungry.

      1400 is better, even though it is only 200 difference it means with exercise I am at about 900 a day after the exercise, I have to struggle to make up the difference some times.

      I joined myfitnesspal a while ago, my username is StoryBoutAGirl I would add you but I have no idea how lol. I haven’t really used it because I downloaded the livestrong app on my phone and have been using that instead. I don’t know if I have time to use both lol. I hate tracking things

      1. Some people are completely clueless when it comes to food. I’ve browsed enough forums to shake my head and not bother participating them because of the absurdity that some people take when it comes to being healthy. When I did bootcamp, some of the girls there wouldn’t eat a thing and then not only did they do bootcamp, they’d do a class too and then complain that they aren’t losing anything! They’d look at me or others that were trying to help them figure it out when we said they needed to eat food. A small yogurt for breakfast followed by a scoop of peanut butter and an apple at lunch is not going to help you out in the long run. I think what also helps is remembering that you aren’t necessarily dieting, you’re making a lifestyle change

        The hardest thing I’ve found is eating enough food to get the calorie intake, especially if I’m eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I also struggle with trying to get enough protein. How has that been for you?

        I’ll look you up on myfitnesspal. I use the site and the app on my phone quite a bit (granted, I am not always good about finishing what I’m adding for the day). How is livestrong to use?

        1. I think what also helps is remembering that you aren’t necessarily dieting, you’re making a lifestyle change.

          This is so very true!

          I like the livestrong app. And I like the articles on the site. As an app it is pretty good. Easy to use and has tons of food listed.

  3. I love lime! I put it in just about everything! My success with keeping a healthy clean vegan diet is focusing on spices and flavors, and less on oils, fake meat products, and fake milk products. Also I added you to my blogroll.

    1. Thanks for adding me! I added you. I think I had you on there at one point cause I used to like reading your blog posts but somewhere somehow you got removed

      Lime is so refreshing isn’t it. Spices and flavors really do help a lot. I am not vegan but have friends that are and some of the dishes they make are really good.

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