Life’s what happen’s when your
busy making other plans

As John Lennon once said. I’ve been so busy typing that I have hardly had any time for anything else, including making any plan’s, so I would say the opposite applies here.  We’ve had so much work that there is little time for anything else, including taking the course for the job that I ended up having to turn down because I didn’t have the time to do the course for it. It was only going to be seasonal and part-time anyhow. I may try to take the tax preparation course later on my own time and next year try and prepare some tax returns for people on my own. It’s not like the job had any benefits anyways, minimum wage, no guarantee of hours, seasonal, no health or dental. All things I would need if I decided to make it my primary job.

Edward’s only found part-time work here at the moment, but there is a decent chance he can get full time sometime down the road as it’s a department store. Unfortunately since the job we moved down here for didn’t pan out it’s left me without health benefits for a year until his kicks in, at least he will have benefits being part-time as most part-time jobs don’t even have benefits. It’ll only be 50% coverage and not 80% as we currently have till the middle of next month, it’s left us in a bit of a pickle as my grandmother used to say. We have a year with no benefits and my medications and libre cost upwards of $350 a month. So, I’ve made an appointment next week with my family doctor to beg him to take me off insulin, which I only went on because we were trying to get pregnant and put me back on metformin or something else that is much cheaper and will save me the cost of the insulin pens and needles.

I am hoping we can swing the $89 every 2 weeks to keep getting the Libre sensors so I can keep a close eye on my blood sugar and that an oral medication will hopefully work and be cheaper. If not I really don’t know what we are going to do as paying for health and dental privately is super expensive when you have a pre-existing condition We didn’t think this would be an issue because my insurance was extended for 3 months and Edward’s was supposed to kick in in three months leaving us only a 2 week period in between with the other job and it was 80% as well.

Its kind left me worried and not sure what’s going to happen. I am sure my doctor is not going to be very thrilled with me at the moment, but he’s going to have to help me figure out a different solution because $300-350 a month is not something we can afford. I want off insulin anyways. I understand that eventually, I may end up going back on it but it was only supposed to be pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and a little bit after pregnancy anyways and then back to oral medications, so since pregnancy is pretty much out of the picture anyways I might as well see if he will consider another alternative for now.

Money is so tight right now and it’s stressful but I don’t regret the move here at all. To help with the finances Edward has started transcribing as well and he’s actually really good at it We both can type 49 wpm, his accuracy is about 95% and mine 97% so we are acutually really close. He just has to get used to listening and typing what he is hearing and the formatting but otherwise he is doing really good and it’s extra money for us. I think once we get everything ironed out it will still have been better for us in the long run, even if right now is a little bit rocky. I am sure we will get things sorted out and we will get back 100% on our feet again. I have plans. Plans that include, healthier eating, getting fit, losing weight, and hopefully reducing the number of medications I need or maybe reversing diabetes altogether, it’s probably rare but it’s possible with type 2 and I am determined to do it.

I plan to walk as much as I can, swim and skate. I want to start hiking again in the spring and maybe try softball or something. I would love to get on a softball or bowling team with my husband, he was all for us getting healthier and losing weight and eating better. I am not really good with healthy eating but I am going to make an appointment with the diabetic nutritionist in Annapolis and try and see if they can help me come up with some meal ideas and plans. There is so much I want us to start doing, but I have no idea how to put it into action, organization and planning has never been something I’m very good at, but right now I am looking up ideas online as I write this

6 thoughts on “Life’s what happen’s when your
busy making other plans

  1. Good luck with your plans, and especially with losing weight since that will make your diabetes much better. It really, really sucks that you have to worry about finances especially when it comes to treating your diabetes. I thought Canada was more decent with these things??
    It’s great that you have so many ideas and things you want to do! That is a good thing and I hope you’ll ways to achieve everything you want to do.

    1. Thanks, Susanne In Canada, it really depends on what province you’re in, basically if you are in the hospital or they give you medication at the hospital you don’t have to pay for it usually and if you are hospitalized you can be in a ward for free but semi-private or private rooms you have to pay for and for certain procedures and things you have to pay for. Once you’re home you are on your own for medications unless you have a medical plan. Lots of employers have plans that they pay a portion of the premium and you pay a portion and then you get coverage ranging from 50 to 100% of drugs, dental and other things, but usually there is a 3, 6 or 12 month wait period when starting a new job and some employers just don’t offer anything at all or if you are part-time there may be no coverage at all.

      Some provinces have good affordable drug and health plans subsidised by the province and others have barely anything. In Nova Scotia there is a pharmacare plan but for me the first $3900 (based off your net income from your previous year’s tax return) for the year I would need to pay out of pocket for then after 3900 I would only pay 20%, well I don’t come anywhere near $3900 in a year anyway so for me it is pretty much useless.

      To purchase insurance myself and pay out of pocket because I have a pre-existing medical condition (actually a few of them), I would need a guaranteed plan that has no underwriting and no medical exam or questions which is about $300 a month which is about the same cost as paying for my prescriptions out of pocket, neither of which we can afford. Sure if you have a heart attack and have to go to the hospital our “health care” is free, as far as they will do the best to keep you from dying in front of them and then dump you back out on the streets where you are someone else’s problem again. I would almost rather have to pay for everything if they made it affordable and not make you pay 10, 20, 50 or 100% or more what it costs to even make the prescription or medical device etc. It’s not a very good system, but it is better than nothing at all.

  2. Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with medical expenses. I can’t believe insulin is so expensive. That’s so much money to pay for something. I hope your doctor manages to find a suitable alternative.

    Good luck with the weight loss plans. I’m trying to eat healthier this year, but I’m doing it slowly, as I think I’ll be more likely to stick to it if I just make gradual changes. The exercise plans sound great too. Hope it all goes well!

    1. I can’t believe it either. When I first started taking it I was amazed at the price of it. I have been able to lessen the amount I take though with other cheaper medications so at least I can make an insulin pen last a lot longer now though.

      Thanks. I saw a dietician and am trying my best to get my diet under control and we are trying to get out more and do things this spring and summer. Geocaching and hiking.

    1. Sorry missed these comments for some reason. Thanks, Eddie did get a job at Walmart and he is now working for my mom as well so we are doing okay now. Still a bit of a struggle but we are getting there.

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