Lighthouses, beachcombing & campfires

Eddie and I went last week to Weymouth to get some drinking water from the spring there as the water at my parent’s house though technically safe to drink, bathe and cook with smells and tastes gross so they refill water at the old Jones bottling plant there that has a spring outside that is free for everyone to use and a frequent place for people to get water in droughts.

On the way back we stopped quickly at Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse as I wanted a picture of the lighthouse and also to check out the beach there.

I’ve heard it is a really good place to get some beach/sea glass. It was cold and windy so we didn’t do much more than glance at the beach but it looks promising. We plan to go back sometime in the next few weeks.

Today we did go beachcombing at Sandy Cove Beach on Digby Neck.  I’ve been wanting to go but it’s been cold and windy for weeks. Today was beautiful though and at 8 pm it’s still like 18°C out, it was 22 earlier. It was only supposed to go to 14°C so I’m not complaining.

These are our finds from today. There is about 25 pieces of beach glass (some are really small). Some white rocks I love, though I realized after washing them some are not as white as I thought. A few smaller rocks Eddie liked and 3 bigger rocks I think might be good to paint on as they have a very flat top. 3 small pieces of pottery or china and a piece of wood and a periwinkle shell that I found as well. I am starting a collection. I want to do some arts and crafts with them. I want to try some beach (sea) glass pictures.

When we got back Eddie started a small fire in our firepit we bought a few weeks ago and we roasted a few hot dogs and then a few marshmallows for supper. One of my favourite things to do.

This is Eddie’s idea of roasting marshmallows and I’ll admit most likely everyone’s idea. Me though I like to evenly tan them a golden brown and peel them off the stick layer by layer by layer tanning each layer as I go. I didn’t get a picture of that because I was the one taking the pictures

All of this we did after Eddie got off work at 3 pm. So I would call that a very productive evening. And now it’s time to play some Sims 4. I bought a few game packs for it the other day since I just had the base game. I got Outdoor Retreat because I love camping and I got the bowling one too. Next, I want to get Seasons as it was my favourite Sims 3 expansion pack. I’m a bit behind on Sims 4 because I hadn’t been playing it.

15 thoughts on “Lighthouses, beachcombing & campfires

  1. Such pretty views! I also love the look of that lighthouse! Those are also great finds from the beach. I really like the beach glass and the white rocks you picked up. Also, I’m like you when it comes to roasting marshmallows, haha. I like mine to be golden brown!

    1. I am really enjoying all the lighthouses down here. When we lived in the city there was some close by including the famous Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, but down here at this end of the province, there is a ton of them and so much history. My mom and I want to do some stepping stones for both our houses with some beach glass and shells so we are hoping to go out on the weekend to gather more stuff.

  2. I understand, my drinking water where I live is safe but taste like straight rust! But nice a spring that they allow others to use it, that is so amazing! I love the pictures, especially of the lighthouse, I love lighthouses. The pictures of the beach reminds me of the ones in Florida near where I live. I love the rocks, I actually never heard of beach glass before though. I feel like every time I come here I learn something new

    1. At the little house that we live in we have an artesian well and the water tastes amazing but I think we might still get a water cooler and get some water from Weymouth as it just tastes so good. Beach glass is usually just glass that has been tumbled in the ocean and spit up on the beach. Some of it is not all the old and others are really old. I once found a piece that had a date stamped on it of 1760 something, I don’t remember the exact year. I took it to a museum and they confirmed it was actually that old.

  3. This is so nice! I love all the stuff you picked up from the beach. I can imagine them looking really nice when applied in crafts projects

    HAHA I’m the same when it comes to marshmallows! I didn’t think it was normal because everyone else roasts them just like the way Eddie does XD

    1. Thanks Claudine! My mom and I have a few ideas. Eddie and I are going on Saturday I hope as long as the weather co-operates to gather some more stuff.

      Aren’t roasted marshmallows the best!

  4. Light the marshmellow on fire, and then blow it out as fast as you can. That’s the best way to roast a marshmellow

    You’re making me envious that summer is so close. We’ve been pretty warm the last few days and so beautiful. Most of our summer places haven’t opened up yet, at least the public river parks they have around here. I’m really hoping we get to float the river this summer

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