long day

Wow I’m exhausted. Left for work about 9:30 went to Old Navy to take a look. There’s some nice stuff there. Then went in the mall to bluenotes and got 2 t-shirts. Gonna get some jeans later and that’s all I’m allowing myself on cloths till next pay day. Got to work about 10:15 and started pretty much right away cause they were swamped. Had to walk “through” a training class that was training in the hall! There is just NO room left there. They really need to move to a bigger facility! So I started work at 10:15am and I left work at 10:00pm. Almost 12 hours I put in today. So I’m kinda wound up and need some wind down time. The first 2 hours seemed to drag on. The last 10 really went fairly fast. Making the bracelets really helps the day go faster. Went to the washroom at one point and of course everyone stops to “chat” if there is someone there they talk to. One girl was like “Oh! Your the girl that makes the bracelets! I saw you working the other day. You were taking a claim and your hands were flying on the keyboard AND you were doing a bracelet at one time. I never saw someone multi-task like that before. Your really good. I love that one bracelet you made when I was sitting by you. Oh! Your wearing it.” I was like “well I have another like it. I’ll give it to you.” She was like “oh! but I have to give you money for it! It’s so cute and it must have been hard to do”. She’s going to give me like $2 for it. I told her not to worry I’d give it to her for free. She refused to take it till she had $2 to give me but made me promise I wouldn’t give it away. And she said she has a friend that works here that wants one too. I just have to be careful. Don’t want to be accused of soliciting at work or anything lol. But people said they’d make nice little presents and stuff. And they would. Anyways gonna go watch TV or something for a bit.

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