Long long day, busy busy, but oh so fun!

I had the longest, busiest, yet totally great day in a long time. I got up about 8 or so and we had to be at my Aunt Ferne’s about 9 to help her pack all the stuff for her and the two kids (a boy age 5 1/2 and a girl 2 and *some* months) and then move a whole two storey house full of toys, various antiques and valuable breakables, a full sized piano, a bed the size of china and as heavy as the pyramids must be, and about 200-300 boxes of clothing, more toys (oh my fucking god the toys these two children have. If it’s been made in the last 10 years they have 2 or 3… each!), a crib and stuff, a heavy wooden bunk bed set and dressor (mine so was made about 25 years ago so it’s heavy) and god knows what else. Oh I think the fridge as well as the contents of it and freezer went! Oh probably kitchen sink to why not… they took the freakin dishwasher! So yeah pack and move all of that in one day. Not start the day before… no lets wait till the day we move. And then move it to new house with movers that don’t know which side of the dolly is up. And unpack wash everything and put away in new house (haven’t finished that yet gave up and took kids home here so she and her friend can get some done without them underfoot. Oh right forgot… Might as well leave 3 hyper children (2 under 5, 1 still in diapers and taking a bottle!) with Kirsten while she unpacks and washes by hand the umteen thousand or so dishes and puts them away. Cleans kitchen and bathroom with a J cloth and Dawn and do this all alone. Whilst everyone else is at old house loading the furnature. But you know what? I had a ball! I had the greatest time! I mean it’s not like they weren’t working too hell they all were (well except the f*in movers who had the gall to ask us to take them to McD’s?!?! before they started..) I’m impressed though my Uncle came and helped out a great deal. He did as much work as everyone else and not one complaint. Not that he should be complaining it’s his ex wife and his kids after all… But yeah back to me… I loved it. I loved being around Robyn and Liam. Towards the end Robyn and I cuddled in the rocking chair with a blanket and she fell asleep. It felt so right.

(will be adding more to this in a bit or another entry… just thinking some and relaxing first… should be tonight for sure though)

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