Long weekend…

And I don’t really mean of the holiday variety. I decided to purchase hosting with some of the money I got from the car insurance on Friday and purchased it. Moving the domain was a bit of a pain since it was my first time and I really didn’t know anything beyond exporting stuff from WordPress.

I had more of an issue with getting the hosting set up. I purchased a reseller package through Secretkiss Hosting so that I could set up a couple of domains and resell the rest of it. Which I plan on setting up this week. I’ll be offering both free and paid hosting through my reseller account. But getting it all figured out’s been a bit of a problem. Secretkiss Hosting has been awesome though in helping me try and figure it all out. I need to also create a theme for the other domain. Something more “business” like. Oh well… all in good time.

I got a call today with my appointment time to see an ENT about my vertigo, ear and balance problems and nausea. So that’s kinda good. It’s April 19th. I have to go see the therapist first to see how I am progressing as far as balance goes. I think I am doing pretty good. No falls in over 72 hours, very little vertigo. I still have the ringing in my ears and a bit of nausea but I was even able to drive for a number of hours the other day with Cory in the car.

We decided to go for a drive out Enfied way and ended up almost to Musquodoboit which is a little ways. But I wanted to see if I got sick or felt sick and if I had an “dizzy” spells. I didn’t. One thing I noticed though… My depth perception seems to me to be a little bit off. I would see a car and think “Oh I can’t go” and Cory would be like… “they are miles away!” and I would argue the point. But then as they got closer I would realize it took to long for them to get there. It was kinda surreal. So he would help me out a bit there by saying “you can go”. Either way it’s a bit unnerving. I still wont really drive without someone else in the car. I’m actually afraid too.

I did drive today a little on my own while waiting for Cory to be fitted for his leg braces. What was only supposed to be a 1 hour appointment turned into a little under 3 hours! But they fit great and hopefully once he is used to them he will be walking better. I really hope they help pain wise. He’s not complaining much right now but I know his legs bother him. The braces are pretty neat though. He was able to pick out a pattern to have on them and a picture for the back of each brace. Being the Toronto Maple Leafs fan that he is, he decided on their logo. It kinda clashes with the camo pattern but I wasn’t going to tell him that lol

I guess I should head to bed. I’ve not been sleeping well again.

Oh, and I have a new theme…

2 thoughts on “Long weekend…

  1. I had so much trouble moving my domain from one server to the next, it was ridiculous. Eventually the people from SecretKiss hosting just ended up handling most of it for me, and I’m very grateful to them.

    I hope you get some good news on the 19th of April, and I hope very very much that you get a diagnosis soon so doctors can put you back on the path to good health.

    xox good luck

    1. The moving part was not too bad in itself. I think I forgot to back up a few minor things and forgot to write down what plugins I had and the settings. The worst part has been that the domain was not resolving correctly. Simpleillusionsdesign.com still isn’t but they has been working on it so it’s no big deal. If they were doing nothing I’d be upset but they have been working hard to get it working for me so I’m grateful for that.

      I’m hoping I can go back to work. I’m getting bored at home. A diagnosis would be nice too but I’m not holding out hope. Don’t feel like being disappointed lol. Probably seems a little negative but it’s not. Just thinking one step at a time.

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