losing things

I keep losing things. Phones, headsets, you name it if it’s not attached to something big enough not to loose (and even if it is sometimes) then I loose it. I stayed the night at someones house the other night and I thought I left my headset there cause I can’t find it… no big deal I’ll get it later right… only that’s not where I left it. I had it saturday at work. So I must have left it here or it’s in the van or at home somewhere. It’s not in my room. Or at least I’m pretty sure it’s not. It’s not in the van because the clothes I was wearing friday night were in a bag on the middle seat of the van and I found them this morning on the back seat but no headset. So… where the fuck is it? The other day I dropped my phone again… in ice cream. How fucking weird is that… it seems to be working except I have never heard it ring since then. And it has cause someone called me the other day but I don’t remember it ringing… I’m loosing my mind I think lol.

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