Loving the new ride!

I have to admit I have driven the new car a lot over the last few days gabapentin medication. We’ve gone through a little more then half a tank of gas since Friday when we picked the car up. It’s really great to drive.

We went for the drive to Crystal Crescent Beach Saturday, went fishing Sunday at Jerry Lawrence park and then today we went downtown to the waterfront. I took some images, I will get them processed and in a post tomorrow or Wednesday sometime.

Work today was kind of busy. We have 4-5 meetings 1 hour meetings a day from here on out with agents. Me and a IST agent (internal support team) are taking turns training the others. I am still working on the coaching stuff and other stuff I was given as well. I’m still moving forward which is a good direction to go, it’s better then backwards, LOL.

One thought on “Loving the new ride!

  1. Congrats again on the new car! It looks fantastic and the colour is absolutely stunning. What a great buy. I hope it gives you many great years!

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