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Mahone Bay & Lunenburg

These photos are actually old photos I found on my camera when I was getting it ready to go to Peggy’s Cove the other day. They are from October 16, 2016. I did a quick search on my blog and don’t think that they were ever added here. Sadly for me I can not take credit for the first two. My lovely husband seems to have a better eye then I do when it comes to photography sometimes. I suppose I should be proud of that fact

I remember the drive. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, as is obvious from the photos but it was very cold out. I remember wanting to go for a wanting to get out and walk around Mahone Bay but deciding against it because it was too cold. Later in Lunenburg we did decide to get out and walk around a little bit but it didn’t last long because if I remember correctly I didn’t bring a jacket with me just a thin sweatshirt, dumb on my part.

This first picture I remember Edward asking my randomly along the way to stop because he saw something he wanted to take a picture of.

Then I decided I wanted to go see if we could get some good shots from across the bay from Mahone Bay and again Eddie wanted to take the picture so I let him and this was the result:


This was around Gold River. I am not sure why but I am absolutely in love with old stone railway bridges. I have photographed this bridge from both sides and different angles plenty of times.

This is Lunenburg Academy which was built between 1893 and 1895 after the old Lunenburg Academy was destroyed by fire in 1893. It’s the only surviving intact 19th century Academy building left in Nova Scotia and is a beautiful building.

I hope to get back to Mahone Bay and Lunenburg this summer and take some more pictures. I know if the fall and winter Mahone Bay has a Scarecrow and a Father Christmas Festival. I have taken photos at the Scarecrow festival before but I have never seen the Father Christmas one and would love to go this year and take some pictures.

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