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I don’t make any money off this blog at all and never will monetize it. It’s my personal blog. One day I hope to have a second blog that will be more of a niche blog that I have in the works. Well, I have an idea and a domain name anyways. This one’s not going anywhere. I just want one I can maybe make a little money off of, but in the meantime, while I get it set up and get it going and since I am practically jobless right now I am doing what I can to bring in any money that I can. I have a part-time job from home calling people for a market research company but it’s been a bit of a rocky start, to say the least, and not what I want to do. Obviously, school is still in the works so I have no student loan to fall back on and EI has not been approved yet and bills are piling up.

I mentioned in a previous post about transcribing and there was some interest in it and how I do it and how I got into it, so I decided to make a post about it and share some information on it and also on a few other sites I have been trying out with success so far. So first off, I started transcribing a number of years ago for a company my mom worked for. It was legal transcription. I have been doing it off an on for years and enjoyed it. Pay varied with the type of stuff I was typing but usually was about  $1.50 to $2.00 CDN a page. I could get about 25-30 pages a day so from about $37.50 a day to about $60 a day. Doesn’t seem like a lot, however when I started out I typed about 30wpm, now I am at 42wpm and increasing steadily. It went up for me to about $80 a day.

Not to bad for a job from home. I stopped doing it when I got a full-time position but after everything that happened in the last month with the bank, I decided that I wanted to transcribe again. I knew from before that there were some websites that pay you for transcribing, captioning and listening to calls. So I have made a list of 3 that I am using or trying out right now. I will update this post later with more information if it becomes available and might to more posts if I find more sites down the road. You will not get rich with any of these, in fact, sometimes it’s hard in the beginning to make money, but once you get going it can be a lot of fun and some extra spending money or money for bills.

Disclaimer: The only one I have personally gotten paid from yet is as I have not been doing the other two long enough but in reviews online and looking up the companies online they have no major complaints and people have said they get paid on time. Also, none of the links on this page are paid links. I get nothing at all from them. This is simply just to let you know which sites I am using or trying.

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Rev has both transcription and captioning jobs. By captioning, I mean basically closed captioning mostly YouTube videos. They also do translation as well. They pay by the audio/video minute, meaning they pay per minute of the video or audio, not the number of minutes you spend on it. This can suck but as you get better, you speed improves and you get used to it you can make some decent money. They pay by PayPal every Monday and you can make from $0.24 USD for basic transcription up to $0.90, and $0.45 to $0.75 for captioning up to $1.00 to $3.00 if you know another language and can do subtitles or translation.

In the past two weeks working only a few hours each week, I have made $37.09 USD. I am only doing small files at the moment and spending a lot of time on them to ensure the quality is really good before submitting so I am not really getting a lot done. I can confirm that I have gotten paid into my PayPal account and I have transferred it with no issues to my bank account. In fact, it paid for my hosting this year mostly. Once I get past the initial phase of it I am pretty sure it can bring in enough for me to make a small difference in our financial situation right now. One thing I have noticed is in the beginning stick with short files so that you can keep your metrics up and not run out of time to hit their targets. You can join or check them out here.


TranscribeMe is another one my mom recommended, she had heard good things about it from other transcribers. I have not yet been paid by them but reviews are decent. However, just a heads up, at the moment they are a little low on work it seems but I think it’s worth joining and just keeping the page open to grab whatever I can when I can. They say they start at $15-$22 per audio hour and top monthly earnings at $2,200 (average monthly earnings are $250). I think maybe this might be true when they have a lot of work and you are sitting there waiting for stuff and doing it as soon as it comes in. I do find the audio quality with the TranscribeMe files I have done much better than the transcription files for Rev and about the same as some of the caption files for Rev. You can request earnings at any time for the work completed on a weekly basis and it is paid via PayPal as well in USD.

Both Rev and TranscribeMe require an entrance exam but I found them fairly easy to pass. With Transcribe Me there are additional exams that will open you up to more work like legal, medical and translation as a few. You can join or check them out here.


The last one I am going to talk about is called Humantic and it’s simple to join, you simply have to have or create a verified PayPal account and create/sign in with it. It’s also rather a simple concept, you listen to short calls, and categorize them for analysis for the companies. This one really doesn’t pay much, between $1 to $4.50 an hour, I think it’s in USD but couldn’t find anything to say for sure. I guess I will find out. If it is USD, CDN or AUS $ or some other form of $ once I get my first pay. You can request payment at $10 and it’s paid via PayPal as well. It’s really as simple as that. You can join or check them out here.

For the first two companies, I mentioned Rev and Transcribe Me, you are typing what you hear, so your typing skills are important. Don’t worry if you don’t type very well though as there are a lot of sites out there that help you improve your typing skills. My favourite one is They have a nice interface and some fun lessons, games and tests to help you build skills. I have been improving steadily and just working at these will improve your skills anyways.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. This blog as I said is a personal one so these kinds of posts are far and few in between but I thought it might be something that someone might enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Making a little extra money

  1. It’s the same way with me, I don’t make money off my blog and won’t do so, (especially because I have fanfiction on there and that is frowned upon, and I wouldn’t do it anyway.) I am definitely going to check out those links, they sound really interesting

    1. They are! I am transcribing on TranscribeMe as we speak and love it. Takes a bit to get used to and I am just finding my vibe, there has been a steady flow of stuff tonight.

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